Is Silver Hardware as Classic?

  1. Ladies, I am facing a major dilemma! So as most of us know Thursday is Saks big EGC event and Nov.1 is Chanel's price increase... because of these two reasons I'm going to buy my first flap! :yahoo:
    I finally narrowed it down to a black Jumbo in caviar leather but here is the issue... Should I go with the silver or gold hardware!?!? :shrugs:I currently have the a black ultimate soft SH, black patent timeless clutch, and a black SH GST on the way! Though I tend to wear more silver colored jewelry, I find that the black GH is IMO essentially classic coco chanel. Meaning when I first think of Chanel, a black GH flap is what I picture! My boyfriend thinks the GH ages me (I'm in my twenties) but I am pursuing a career in law and want a mature look... Anyways ladies, help me out! I'm so confused they are both great bags, but I just can't decided! HELP!!!:confused1::confused1:
  2. I only buy the silver hw for my flaps, no matter what color the leather is. When I see gold hw, to me it looks older (old fashioned, not as modern, JMO). The silver gives it a crisp neat look. I feel the silver is more updated, but I don't consider it a fad.
  3. If one defines classic to mean the original hardware choice, then it's gold hardware. It's all that Chanel offered for years and years. (Yeah, I'm THAT old.) Personally, I like gold and black. It's a dash of class(ic) -- ha, ha. For the various color bags, if the color is warm such as brown, then gold hardware looks best. Gray bag, silver hardware. That's how I choose. It's a personal choice and you're going to hear others say they prefer silver no matter what color the bag. It's what you like that matters; it's that plain and simple.
  4. I agree with jmen, the gold is really the classic, an ICON ... but personally I love silver because that is what looks best on me and matches most of my jewelry so all but two of my Chanels have silver hardware ..

    Also, I think the style is what makes it a classic, not so much the hardware ...
  5. Gold hardware is more classic but I believe you should consider that you wear silver jewelry most of the time. Also, gold hardware can be a very dressed up in casual situations depending on the handbag. I wear silver or white gold jewelry almost every day. I have several suits where my gold jewelry really looks works better than silver would. I wear two-tone DY; none is all yellow gold. I have three Gucci and two Prada handbags with gold hardware. I use one of those on the days I wear my two-tone jewelry. I purchased my first two Chanel bags this week, two modern chain medium flaps in chocolate brown and black caviar leather, both have silver hardware and I know will use them more often, especially since I wear silver DY or white gold RC and Cartier for casual in addition to most work days. I think they are going to look fabulous with all my jewerly, especially the silver DY. I am very excited and can't wait until Thursday when I will have both. The black should arrive on Tuesday and I am picking the brown up on Thursday as I have a an RC special order tiny treasures charm bracelet finally arriving to pick up. Sigh, it appears this Chanel fever has got me! I even purchased wallets to match!
  6. THANK YOU LADIES!! Though my decision is still tough, I think I'm going to go for the Black Jumbo Caviar Flap with silver hardware... I figure since the gold hardware will always be there, when I'm a successful lawyer I can just buy it then- since I'll have the money! Thanks again!!!:p
  7. my sister gave me a white Chanel classic flap bag (caviar) with gold chains. I have difficulty wearing it casually. Actually I have just used it about 10 times for 2 years because i do not know what to wear with it. I am on the range of 25-30 yo. I usually just use it during parties. does anyone have photos that they wear it casually? or suggest if i can wear it with jeans?
  8. For black leather , I prefer silver hardware. Beige I prefer gold . I match it with the leather.

  9. How'd you hear the price increase was November?
  10. This is an old thread from 2007.