Is Silicone in Coach Leather Cleaner & Conditioner bad for leather?

  1. So I just bought a new Large Legacy Duffle & they suggested I buy the Coach Moisturizer for it. When I got it home I read it & it says that it has silicones. It also says for glove tanned leather but the creed on this doesn't say that it is glove tanned.

    I also bought, at the SA recommendation the Coach Cleaner for the white leather back of my embossed python Kristin Hobo. It also has silicone in it.

    If silicone is not good for leather why do they sell it? Is it OK to use it? Should I return it? I don't want to upset my SA. I might not get any PCE's. I'm also gonna go back & exchange the new duffle cos it has indentations in the leather.

    I can't find the post but I read somewhere on the Purse Forum that silicone is bad for leather.
  2. Yes silicone is bad for leather, it puts like plastic layer on the leather and it could make it uneven and patchy when worn off. It's also very difficult to remove in the future.

    It could make more sense if the leather was already finished with some type of plastic when new though..
  3. Thanks! I just don't know why Coach makes & sells it :confused1:
  4. ^I'm not sure, it's a product that looks good for while and probably is good to protect against color transfer from jeans etc. It's no good in the long run though..