Is signature leather new?

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  1. Hi Everyone - I jumped up from contemporary designers to luxury about 18 months ago and have a pretty nice collection of LV. But lately there have been so many quality issues that I decided to branch out with my spring bag purchase and went to Gucci this weekend. The more I saw the more I liked! But I have a few questions:

    Is the signature leather line new? I'm drooling over the Signature Leather Top Handle in candy pink but I can't find a single YT video on it or anything in this leather.
    Is it prone to scratching or any other issues?

    Why do you think Gucci is less popular than LV? Their quality looked to be very good, you can get a full leather bag for less than some LV canvas. The zippers seemed very smooth. Am I missing something? YT is full of videos on LV but yet YT has few on Gucci and most of those are on the Disco Soho bag but not much else. I also rarely see people carrying them yet we have 2 boutiques in Atlanta so obviously they are doing well.

    Would love your thoughts!
  2. Do you mean Guccissima leather? It was introduced in 2006. I had one when it first came out. It's pretty durable but it is leather so it can be scratched and get corner wears but you can polish and condition the leather to minimize wear.
    You can't compare leather with canvas. Besides, even LV canvas can have wear and tear after a while.
  3. Mintys answered your main question

    Otherwise I'd add if Atlanta is anything like where I live not all the 'LVs" are LV. ;)

    You may also be surprised how many Gucci bags there are about. They don't always say GUCCI in any way except the quality. LV mono and even Damier are more easily recognised, and those tend also to be the most popular lines.

    I wouldn't worry