Is Sig cleaner necessary??

  1. Just curious what everyone's opinions are about the signature cleaner. I usually have no problem getting marks/ light stains off by using baby wipes but my SA insisted that Sig cleaner was the best and gets ANYTHING off and that I should have it handy. She seemed shocked that I was going to buy a new sig bag without getting the sig cleaner as well. Do you find this true? Is it best for the TOUGH stains? Or is my SA just showing off her good selling skills? I'm guessing the latter. TIA!:yes:
  2. well, my sis and i went halfsies on a bottle. we each have one sg bag, one puch, and one wallet, so for all that, $10 US didnt seem so much to have it handy. for what these things cost, it is a good idea
  3. Honestly, people think i'm just trying to get them to buy something else- but our care products truly do work.

    At my store, we personally use the fabric cleaner on our bags at home as well as.... our clothes at work! If we get something on our white button up, the cleaner helps just like a tide pen! It will not work instantly (ie, if you have a soiled bag- one application of it will not work- it's something you'll need to use a few times) but it absolutely cleans bags.
  4. MUST buy the signature cleaner!!!! DONT use baby wipes on the signature fabric, as they may have some chemical or dye factor in them that may destroy the fabric and void the warranty! The signature cleaner REALLY works on stains...I have used it.....and you KNOW how much I LOVE the khaki signature bags, therefore I cant be w/o a bottle of that stuff for one minute!!!! Especially w/ 2 kids running around the house NEAR the bag!!!! LOLOL STAND BACK....STEP AWAY FROM THE BAG....GO TO THE NEAREST CHAIR AND SIT DOWN...........LOLOLOLOLOLOL
  5. I just purchased a bottle on Sat and it worked really well on the Sig Stripe Large tote that had rub off from my many denim jackets , I really liked it and it thought it was worth the money

    Why can't they come up with a cleaner for the Scribble Bags !
  6. mmm i used some woolite and a little elbow grease in my bathtub last night on my nasty scribble tote, and it came out just fine.....and clean!
    when i do buy my signature stripe tote though i'll probably pick some up just to have it
  7. I couldn't have said it better-- we're not just trying to sell you stuff, the sig cleaner is a lifesaver!
  8. I believe you!!!!:smile: ok. ok.. looks like I better get the sig cleaner.:yes:I just had to verify with my TPF girls first.:supacool: What about the chocolate sig? I doubt too many stains will show BUT better safe than sorry I guess. I just paid $500 for this new sig bag. I better take care of her! :sweatdrop: oh, by the new chocolate sig is my absolute FAVE Coach bag EVER. Gotta love that chocolate.

    Thank you!
  9. Razorbackbell or Sprinkles-- what do you recommend to your customers for cleaning the scarf print bags? baby wipes? I LOVE my scarf print ergo tote but EVERY time I wear it, she gets dirty! SO not practical for a mom of two. Thanks!
  10. Chocolate sig shows a lot of stuff honestly, same with black!

    For scarf print I reccomend putting about an inch worth of woolite in a bowl and fill the rest with water and go at it, do it about once a week with a soft tshirt type cloth.
  11. oh dear...didn't think this chocolate would show dirt/marks. :shocked: Thanks for the scarf print tip. I'll try that..:smile:
  12. I have a bottle & have only had to use it on a pair of ballet flats
  13. I'm terrified of getting scarf print dirty so that's why I've shied away from it-- sprinkles has good advice though! also a baby wipe as soon as you get something on it, that helps.
  14. Nothing major! Just like salt in the winter, liquids and a few other things. It doesn't show dirt and such however!
  15. oh, good. I live in the desert so I don't have to worry about salt in the winter. I'll be careful with liquids. THanks!