Is ShopStarStyle legit?

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  1. I know this is really off topic of Louis Vuitton, but this is where I do the majority of my posts and I really respect everyone's opinion. I came across this site while searching google for "the biggest celebrity louis vuitton collection". Is this bogus or what? Thanks tpf'ers!!!:yahoo:
  2. Yeah, never mind.... I rushed to post the thread when I first saw the site - now I know exactly what it's about... please don't think I'm an idiot... :push:
  3. I think it might be a scam, western union? What store doesn't take credit/debit cards?
  4. Yes, beware :push:
  5. I want to know if the site shopstarstyle is a scam, i see the price of the b bags and i think they are fake, but i was wondering if they are all fakes or if any of you know something about this site,I have a friend who wants to buy from there and i would like to help her

    thanks, and sorry if the question is too stupid :crybaby:
  6. These are most definitely fake bags. There are some in colors that have never existed or haven't been made for years. It's good that you checked here and no question about authenticity is ever stupid.

    Also, for future reference you can post authenticity questions to the Authenticate This! thread at the top of the Shopping Forum.
  7. Nope, they are fake unfortunately. They put up some photos of authentic bags, but send you fakes.

    FYI - in the future, post all authentication questions on the "Authenticate This! Balenciaga!" thread at the top of the Balenciaga Shopping subforum.
  8. hi, this is my very first thread, handbag lovers please give me info about this site has anyone ever dealt with this seller, are those handbags real?
  9. Scam, scam, scam!!!:cursing:

    :rant:Any website that advertises this is bad, bad, bad!!! Please be careful!
    They never use the term 'authentic' or 'authorized dealer'.

    **Please note: It will be cheaper to make your payment at your local western union office rather than using the online service. You can find western union service in almost every post office around the world.
  10. welcome to the PF!
  11. WELCOME!!! No they are not real handbags!!!
  12. welcome to tpf!
  13. ^^^Just made a really sketchy thread with the same post. Think they are a fraud trying to advertise a fraud site.
  14. I noticed they steal the Chanel bag pictures AND descriptions from

    I was like, wow, these are great pictures. Hmm they look familiar. I compared with BagBorrowOrSteal, low and behold, exact same pictures and word-for-word descriptions. Gr.