Is good?

  1. Hi!!!

    Could anyone tell me her experience in with handbags?
    They ask me for a deposit of 200 $ before i see any handbag.What would happen if they don´t find what i am looking for? :hysteric:
  2. I think they charge for their service, so if they complete their service, they won't charge. That's just what I think. But definitely before signing up, find out all the info first.
  3. Thanks babyK
  4. They just said they would refund me money if i didn´t find what i want..
    Maybe it is not the best place for grab a bargain....
  5. I am considering using them also....interested in hearing anyones experience with them. If I use them I'd be sending thousands.
  6. I have used them before, but they did not ask me for any deposit. Once they found the item, they sent me an invoice for the cost of the item (they add any shipping fee + tax if it's applicable), 10% personal shopping fee + cost for shipping item to you. As soon as I paid them they send the item using Fedex.

    I think 10% is a bit much, but I guess it depends on what you buy and how much you will save. I saved about $300 compared to buying it in Australia, so it still worked out really good for me.