Is shipping still free for BEC?

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  1. I was just trying to use the "shipme" code, and it didn't work. Help!
  2. It should be

    But not if you are using a general discount code.
  3. Hmm. I haven't heard of this being discontinued.

    shipme should work for everything except when there is a sale on, then BE disconnect it but will refund your postage if you buy a full price item.

    I'd email Aimee to find out what is going on.
  4. lanasyogamama, I believe they disable the "shipme" code during times of big sales, such as right now when many from the bespoke month are probably paying their balance.

    From my understanding, the code only works for full priced items. But please tell me if it does work for bespoke month, I will be thrilled!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Make sure the shipping option is not courier! I think courier is the default shipping option, and shipme only works for royal mail shipping. I had the same problem with the code, and this ended up being the issue.
  6. I think I have bigger problems. Apparently it shouldn't have even been trying to charge me shipping for a BEC deposit. Jackie and I are going to work on it more tomorrow.