is shipping cost too expensive

  1. I'm wanting to purchase this LV bag from eBay it's almost $3,000 and the shipping cost is $50 is this too much??
  2. i think it's reasonable. the price varies depending on the carrier (ups and fedex are the most expensive, usps is the cheapest), the size of the box, the moethod shipping (ground vs. air) and the amount of insurance (insurance on $3000 will cost more than the shipping). i just shipped a $1200 bag in a decent sized box via ups and with signature confirmation, it came to $27. so $50 is not unreasonable. i actually get concerned if the shipping is too cheap (like $10 or less) -- it generally means the item will be squashed into a teeny box of worse, an envelope (yup i once had a leather bag shipped in an envelope!)
  3. ok just wanted to make sure. That's insane having a bag shoved in an envelope.
  4. no still acceptable for me ... it is LV purse and I want to make sure the seller really put it in a box and wrapped/ cushioned it.
  5. I'm willing to pay a premium to know that the bag will arrive here the same it is shown in the photos!!!
  6. Shipping charges always get debated a lot. Luckily we can see the costs and decide whether they are acceptable. Sellers use those fees to cover all kinds of things like time, handling, packaging materials, paypal fees, insurance and actual shipping costs. If in doubt ask EXACTLY how the item will be packaged and shipped, whether there will be insuranceor signature required.

    I usually ask - but I recently had a bag arrive from an international seller in just a padded envelope. It was even ripped, but luckily the bag was in it's sleeper bag and wasn't damaged. Boy was my heart pounding as I opened it up!!!
    On the other hand I have had bags arrive wrapped in a water-proof wrapping and double boxed to keep them safe - that I liked!!.

    I don't think $50 is too bad - unless the seller sticks it in a $3.50 flat rate USPS paper envelope :rolleyes:
  7. I don't think it's unreasonable at that value. Insurance is the killer most times and if the seller has to put it in a large enough box to not squish it then it's better to just pay the fee if you really want the bag. I just sold a Chanel hobo recently that in order to not mush it down at all, I had to use a larger box. This item's insurance was only for 1200 and the shipping cost me 36.00 for USPS Priority fully insured with signature confirmation. The buyer made out as I only charged them 20. I had no clue it was going to run me 36. Now if I'm buying a smaller size bag and the insurance value is low yet the seller is charging a ton, that will steer me away. For example I really wanted a Balenciaga mini compagnon recently, but the seller was charging 25 for shipping. That was ridiculous I thought because the insurane value was only 329 and the box would be quite small. I didn't buy needless to say.
  8. i think it is a good price.
  9. I agree with sarahloves.... if you are spedning $3000 just make sure you are receiving the best possible posting option. Also - I suppose you could always check what it cost them when you receive the box...
  10. For 50$, is it specified what you will receive? The important thing is to know before you pay, and not assume that it includes full insurance and decent packaging (I know this the hard way).

    I would ask the seller if the shipping cost includes full insurance, tracking, signature confirmation (if available), and if they could please package securely, if any of these things aren't stated in the listing. The type of shipping may be on your invoice, that will give you more information also (e.g. if it's fedex). I make international purchases and worry about packaging/insurance. For expensive items I usually send a friendly, courteous email for reassurance if I'm not sure how it will be sent.
  11. I too would ask these questions too! Then I would make the decision on whether or not $50 is justified.