Is she worth it? The mono Alma that is

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  1. Hey all,

    I am beginning to get the feeling that an Alma is as important to have in your collection as a speedy, but I don't like the patent look of vernis (although they are really beautiful, just not for me) and I don't want one in epi. This leaves the mono but I have heard horror stories about the vachetta on the bottom of the alma. So ladies, is she worth it? THANKS!!!
  2. Yes its worth it, and you can always spray your bags with things like Apple Leather Conditioner, or Kiwi Spray, I personally have sprayed my vachetta with kiwi spray, and the water rolls off it, cant recommend it enough!
  3. What about damier ebene?
  4. Forgot to mention that one, I think it may be the only bag I don't like in ebene. The shape with the checkerboard pattern just throws me off. But thanks for the suggestion!!
  5. Definately consider the Damier version of this bag. OMG I have owned my Black Epi Alma since 1998 and I can't imagine ever not having this style in my collection. I am a die-hard LV lover and Alma is an original classic.
  6. I just saw your post that Damier is not for you. Get this bag in Mono and spray the bottom. Get it for sure.

  7. I agree!
  8. I want an Alma super-bad! When I think of classic LV, I think of the Alma first hands down.

    I love it in Mono...I think if you're careful and take steps to treat the vachetta it should be just fine :yes:
  9. alma is improtant but i lvoe verins not mono in her .
  10. most almas i've seen that aren't brand new have pretty disgusting bottoms. for this reason, i really don't like alma in mono. while the alma is classic, its the shape thats classic (and this is something you can get with alma in any other canvas) and not mono alma itself - the vachetta bottom is very much a turnoff. but if you don't think alma is right for you in any other canvas, i think its totally fine to just stay away from this bag.
  11. I love it Damier, and I'm thinking of getting one someday :smile:
  12. I prefer the vernis, but the mono is nice also. Get one for sure.
  13. I think the mono offers to an already classic piece even MORE class - I agree with every one else, get the mono and just treat the vachetta.
  14. Get the mono and either spray the vachetta or try to tan her. There are some websites that show how to do it in a sunny room.
  15. Get the Mono one, you just need to spray the vachetta and that's it!!
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