is she serious?

  1. very weird...
  2. Too funny! Seems a more tahn a bit flaky to me.
  3. Uh, that looks kinda dodgy
  4. Made my stomach cringe... blah. Poor people that bid on this...
  5. Where do people get this idea from!?
  6. I don't trust any person who uses so many "LOL"s when conversing with another...let alone in an ebay ad.

  7. this bag authentic?
  8. Not trying to hijack this thread... but I found this pic... I also thought to myself: "Are they serious?" The quote was "My neighbor sells fake Louis Vuitton in her front yard..."

  9. haha i don't know but i was reading the description and i was like why would you tell people your dad was cheatin on you mom in an ebay ad? weird
  10. lol i can't believe this!! your neighbor is getting out of control!!! :hysteric:
  11. I dont understand, why is she telling a storying about princes/princesses. All I got from that ramble was confusion and some guy cheated on her mom???
  12. LOL. Luckily it's not my neighbor.. I found this pic on the net.. ;)
  13. She said what's tucked inside will make you feel good,maybe she tucked in a little green dildo:lol:.
  14. OMG!:throwup: