Is She a Keeper?? I Think YES!!!!

  1. Well, first let me say that I love the way Zappos makes me feel like a celebrity. I order stuff I think I might like, they send it to me overnight, I try it on and play with it for a few days, and then ship back the stuff I don't want FOR FREE?!??!!!!:nuts:

    So anyway, I ordered a couple of bags yesterday so I could try them out in person. One was too small and shiny, one was too big and boxy, and the third was just right! I only have one black bag: my Anna Corinna Mini City Tote so when I came across this I thought perfect! And it has a touch of green (my favorite color).

    It's a MICHAEL by Michael Kors Harness Oil Hobo. When I first took it out of the box it was like someone had already used it for soft and slouchy, but brand new!!! So I quickly switched out my chameleon and walked around. It's so light too!!! I think I'm going to keep it, what do you think?
    MKHarness.jpg MKHarness2.jpg
  2. It's fantastic! I love the little touch of green!
  3. I like its design, color and size. It has very good workmanship too. This is really a good buy. Congratulation!
  4. It is so, so cool! Green is my fav color too! This bag is so unique- you can bet you won't see another with it.
  5. They are awesome! :tup: I love your new Michael Kors bag!
  6. That is a gorgeous bag! Congratulations!!
  7. Thanks everyone! I'm definitely keeping this, in fact I think I'm going to carry it tomorrow!!! :tup:
  8. Congrats on a good buy!
    It's gorgeous specially on you!
    love green too!
  9. I love M by MK bags, they hold up well over time. I really like the harness line, I've only seen the satchel IRL, and it was to big for me but this one looks like the perfect size. I definitely think that you should keep it!
  10. I love modeling pics. That bag looks great. You wear it so well.
  11. Cute bag. And it will look great with suits, too! Congratulations!
  12. :yes::yes::yes:
  13. Congrats! It's a beautiful bag!
  14. Wow! I don't usually love Michael Kors, but I heart that bag. Like a lot. Thanks for the pics!
  15. fabulous bag...looks great on you!