Is seller responsible for disclosing manufacturing defects??

  1. I bought a pair of espadrilles from eBay and am not happy. There is a glue spot on each of the sandals, making them virtually unwearable IMO. It looks like a manufacturing defect which I feel the seller should have told me when I asked her if there were any flaws. Isn't it the seller's responsibility to inspect the items they sell carefully??

    I really want to file a NAD dispute, but after shipping costs, it may not be worth it.
  2. IMO, that's SNAD.

    If there were no pictures and no description, file. First open up communication with your seller!
  3. The seller is only willing to refund $5 =( I know I won't be wearing these shoes due to the defect so I believe I should be able to receive a FULL refund. Shipping costs are never returned, correct?
  4. It's not "standard" for shipping costs to be refunded, but if you open a dispute in PayPal and it escalates to a claim, they can tell the seller to refund 100%. If your seller isn't communicating or is being stubborn, open a dispute. A dispute is a way to have a controlled discussion.
  5. YES!!!!!! I am so sick and tired of these sellers listing seconds or rejects proudly as "new in the box". Sellers are quite aware it's deceptive.
  6. She probably purchased them at a bargain basement price because of the defect and is suggesting they are worth full retail. Definitely a shady transaction.
  7. As a seller I ALWAYS advise of any signs of wear or manufacture issues even if the item is brand new.