Is seller allowed to say she will cancel if the bids are to low??

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  1. So many things to learn ;).

    I have "talked" to a girl about an item she is selling.
    We don't speak same language, so due to that we speak english.

    I asked if the item is authentic, about dustbag and postage.

    She wrote a sweet reply, but mentioned that if she doesn't get the amount she wants for her item she will cancel the auction :amazed:.

    She has no reserve - (as far as I can read ;)) - and the auction starts at 59, so I just don't understand.
    Is this legal, or am I just to much newbie ??:P.

  2. If she lets the auction finish and then refuses to sell then she is going against ebays policy an can be reported as a non selling seller. She can request the buyer mutually cancel the sale but the buyer would have to agree so she can get her fees back, otherwise she can be reported for it.
    If she is ending the auction before it ends because the bidding is to low then she can do this so long as its more than 12 hours until the auction closes (I think its still 12 hours) or ebay wont give her the option to end it and she will have to allow it to finish.
  3. Yes, she can do that - it's hardly in the spirit of an auction, I agree, but I believe it's legal. :yes:
  4. Thanks for your reply :biggrin:, nice to know the rules.

    No, it takes some of the fun of an action this way - but on the other hand I also understand she doesn't want to give it away (would have liked her to though ;))
  5. This makes absolutely no sense to me. Why would anyone cancel an auction 12 hours prior to the end? The majority of the bidding occurs AT THE VERY END! It just seems like a premature decision.

    As for canceling the auction AFTER it's over, that just sucks as well.
  6. I suppose part of the problem with this is the stupid fees ebay charges for a reserve price...its like ten pounds or something to list something for 7 days with a reserve price, and one of my items didnt sell so i was ten pounds out of pocket for nothing. The seller could start the auction at the lowest price she is willing to accept but then this can detract people from bidding in the first place.

    So yes it is bad of the seller to cancel an auction if she doesnt get the price she wants, at the end of the day somebody won fair and square and she should have taken the right precautions to make sure this didnt happen, no matter how much it cost.

    Its just a shame really that things like this happen because of the ebay fees.

  7. :lol:

    Quite! :biggrin:

  8. Well, sometimes things go for very little, of course - it's an utter gamble.

    Of course, some sellers get around this by shill bidding, but for those who don't... :s
  9. I understand cancelling if there are no bids, but eBay should make us sellers squirm a lot more if we end an auction because we don't like the results. Don't put it on auction, list at bottom acceptable or pay for the reserve.

    I think using reserve stifles the auction but I know others who use it all the time. I use auctions to drive business to other listings or if I don't really know the value.

    eBay's take on the reserve price fee is that the seller is limiting the chances of it selling, so they want their cut ahead of time. Don't say I agree with it, but it IS their platform.

    I have started auctions at $ .99, $399 and even one at $13,000. All sold, so if they want it, they will make the first bid. A $1.99 listing sold for $1,326.01.
  10. I think if you want to protect a minimum, then you should use reserve. I think this stinks but ebay has gotten alot more lenient about this stuff.
  11. I always advertise for the minimum I want to accept now. I dont care if people dont buy because the stuff Im selling I dont want to give away and Im not willing to go any lower. I cant bring myself to risk it selling too low.
  12. Some sellers don't want to take the risk that the ending price might be lower than what they're expecting though.
  13. I'm such a curious person, so I bid 59 now ;) - has to know what happens :P.

    I have newer sold anything on ebay, so don't have a clue about fees. Didn't know about fees when you have a reserve price. I don't understand why she didn't start at her reserve price then :thinking:

    I'll see what happens now - have bought another wallet like it - so maby I'll end up with 2 :P.
  14. ^ I think the idea is to garner interest.

    If she started at the minimum price she wanted to receive, people might just look at it and think 'no way' - but if she starts lower and then sets a reserve, the idea is that people are more likely to bid and then, when they do, they will, hopefully, enter their maximum bid and if two people's maximums are at (or one just below and one at), or above the reserve price, the item will sell.

    As I say, that's the idea - whether it actually works, or not, is quite another matter!

    A lot of people here say reserves put them off bidding, as they just assume they will be too high.

  15. I don't know where the seller is from but for example in germany there no thing like an reserve. . . so mybe there are other countries that don't have this option?