Is SDJ nano worth it?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    YSL is having their private sale, the sdj nano i want is only $1200 now compared to its original price $1990.

    I'm a mini bag and a Chanel girl so of course i will love the nano/mini size. I am just wondering if the value of the brand worth it? The quality is it worth it? How will the bag hold up in long term?
  2. #2 May 27, 2016
    Last edited: May 27, 2016
    I think its worth it! I also just got my first square mini but I've been eyeing the croc embossed nano. It looks like it holds quite a bit. Can I ask which color you were eyeing?
  3. This beauty right here, the two chanel bags i have are all in black, i want some colors in my life lol

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  4. How do you gain access to the private sale? Can you share more about it?

  5. Go for it!!!! How cute! And the price range is great!
  6. That color is just :heart:
  7. Run for it
  8. did you pick this up? love it!
  9. I say go for it!! We all need bit of color in our life ;)
  10. I didnt pick this up, i look at it in real life, the color was a babe :sad: i didnt buy it because it cant close, i always swing my bag around, i know for sure my belongings will fly around with a wide opening bag.. I thought the open would be tight, but it is very stretchy and wide.. But the color was so tempting!!! I had to do a lot of thinking inside the store