Is Santa to kind to me? Wat did i got this time, it's everyone HG bag, make a guess?

  1. Tryin to pass time while waiting for my camera battery to be charged....this is makin me crazy!

    I wanted to post pics immediately when i receive her this morning. I'm so touched that it turns out to be unexpected due to the excellent condition of the bag.

    Anyone want to do a wild guess?? what can it be?? It's also most of the pfers's HG wishlist as well. It took me abt 6 mths for me to hunt her with the help of a pfer and also my japanese colleague:graucho::graucho:

    Special thanks to both of them, without them i probably won't be able to find her so soon:love::flowers:
  2. what???lol!
  3. I know...I know...the Olsen Bag:graucho::nuts:
  4. YES! I've been waiting for your photos!! Please share the complete story of how the two of you came to meet. It will give those of us also waiting for this bag newfound hope! (and please share the retail of the larger size if you have that info...)

    I hope you didn't pay the crazy, inflated price people in the US have shelled out for this bag.
  5. yes, yes, do tell....Congratulations now post pics woman!:popcorn:
  6. Yes yes, you've got the Olsen hobo in black and in the large size??? And you got it from a Japan website and your Japanese colleague helped you with the translation???

    Did I get it right?? Please post pics and tell us all about it...:tender::popcorn:
  7. OMG OMG waiting waiting :hysteric::popcorn:
  8. red jumbo?
  9. so cool if its the olsen!!!!!!
  10. UGH! i wanna see i wanna SEE!!!! :p
  11. The Olsen!!!! Or maybe a purple flap? Tell,tell!!!
  12. Let's see!
  13. purple flap??
  14. Come on Celia, show us the Olsen tote!! :woohoo:
  15. Congratulations Celia_Hish!!!!! You finally got her eh?!!!! I'm so excited to see the pics!!!