Is Sandstone a really wrinkly color?

  1. I know bags vary, but Daphne just told me that all Sandstone bags are very wrinkly and distressed. Is that true?
  2. Yes - I've never seen one that's really smooth...which is the reason why I love it! It really gives depth to the bag.
  3. Yep. And mine has the most gorgeous shine to it that makes it sparkle!
  4. Yes......most definitely. Some vary in color also.......I ordered a few to choose from.....some had a little more pink undertone to them which was beautiful.
  5. Yes:yes: Sandstone is distressed but it blends in well with the color. :tup:I like the ones with wrinkles and distressed mix so you can't see the White marbles showing too much.:smile:
  6. I just ordered a sandstone shoulder bag (from Erica) and can't wait to see this color!!! I don't know how wrinkly it will be, but will post! Nanaz, I love your work, tons!!!!
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    yes, my twiggy is smooth. The first one they sent me was wrinkled, but had a damaged handle. I thought it might be natural when I got it - it photographs that way, but it's darker than photos. This is the bag, I mentioned in your other thread, that I massaged, because it was so "flat". I hope I did the right thing!
    sand 001.jpg
  8. Thanks Girlie.:heart: My work is my favorite and i don't think i would give it up any time soon.:p
  9. Hmm, mine doesn't seem to be more wrinkly than my other Bbags. In fact, the leather pieces on the corners are fairly smooth.
  10. Mine is quite distressed. I loooove it that way, it looks perfect w/the color & adds so much character. My gay friend is OBSESSED with it - he wants a mens messenger.
  11. There may be different batches of the sandstone - and one batch may be smoother than the other. If Daphne is telling you that the ones she has at BalNY are all like that, then I'd take her word for it! Certainly most of the sandstone photos I've seen have looked VERY distressed.
  12. :yes: Yes... mine is wrinkly as well - but as others mentioned, it looks great with the color!!
  13. Mine is very distressed - which is what i requested. I told Daisy I wanted one that looked "lived in" and the one she sent me was perfection!
  14. Mine has a lot of distressing but is soft and smooshy. It also has a nice subtle shine.
  15. From what I've observed, the Cities have been very wrinkly! I have had Twiggies though of both varieties and the Shoulders I've had are almost perfectly smooth. There is quite a bit of color variation as well. Some bags have more pink tones and seem darker and others are lighter with more beige tones.