Is Saks really discontinuing EGC?

  1. Has anyone heard this? My SA could be grossly misinformed but she told me that she heard that Saks will discontinue EGC.

    Help! I would be heartbroken since that is when I buy my Chanels...
  2. :hysteric: WHAT? Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!! :crybaby::wtf::cursing::nogood::mad::rant::censor::cry:
  3. Wait! I don't know if my info is correct. I'm asking for confirmation.

    I suspect it might be correct because I heard that Saks did not make money last year and I'm seeing signs that they are tightening the financial screws:
    1) getting strict on return policy
    2) giftcards are now only sent once a year instead of 4 times a year
    3) very, very strict on price adjustments

    anyways, it wasn't Delyse who told me and she always has the scoop so let's ask her tomorrow!
  4. Good Morning,

    I have not heard that we are and I think it a safe bet we will continue to offer them.

    Thank you,
    Russel Karbley
    Sr. Coordinator, Saks Direct Customer Service
    Saks Fifth Avenue
    500 Hickory Drive
    Aberdeen, MD 21001
    T 410 297 4406
    F 410 297 5599
    Toll Free: 888 327 3313
  5. hope not, but having worked in retail for a long time, i can see why it may not be the most profitable event to run on a monthly basis, especially when there's so much room for abuse.
  6. During last Friends & Family, my SA told me they may be doing away with that as well. She said that's what she was told. Hope it's not true.
  7. Hope it's not true. Like you, I try to wait for EGC to purchase my Chanel's.
    Do you live in MI? The Saks Chanel trunk show is tomorrow, will you be going?
  8. I don't see why they would. I bet its a big money maker for them. It encourages people to spend more to get the cards and then after they get the card. Its only like what a 10-15% discount?