Is Saks doing another Gift Card event this month?

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  1. Does anyone know if Saks is having another gift card event next week? IIRC someone said the 4th or last Thursday of the month?
    SA's always tell me they'll pre-sell a week or so before the event, but I actually asked an SA if there was going to be one this month and she said she didn't know!!!!:wtf:
  2. I heard that they were either the 3rd or 4th Thursday of the month too. I asked my SA and she confirmed.
  3. i just asked my sa today and he said there probably won't be another one until july.
  4. I also asked my SA about a May event and she said they were told no.
  5. This is the first month Saks skipped the gift card event this year.
  6. That's disappointing. I was getting used to the regulay gc events.
  7. My sa in saks nyc called to tell me to come in Tuesday, May 22 for triple point presale.
  8. So instead of the gift card thing, they're doing the triple points instead?
  9. Aimee3 -- That's what she said.
  10. that's interesting. i might have waited to buy the bag i bought today for triple points. i didn't put it on my saks card because the interest is sooo high but for triple points it might have been worth it.

    i think saks had a friends and family this month so maybe that's why they skipped the gc event....
  11. Are you close enough to the store to "exchange" it and get triple points?:yes:
    Usually the SA's tell you (I guess they think people will buy more when it's either gc events or triple points).
  12. how does triple points work?
  13. The Saks points system works only with a Saks charge card. For every dollar you charge on your Saks card, you get 2, 4, or 6 "points" and then at the end of the year (or twice a year if you've spent enough) you get a
    gift card based on the number of points. For your first $5,000. you get 2 points, the next $5,000. will get 4 points, and anything over $10,000. will get 6 points. So, if you buy something for $1000. instead of 2,000 points, you'd get 6,000 points (more if you're already over $5,000 or $10,000 dollars.) AT least this is what I think it math could be off ;)
  14. I also heard that there will not be one this month because there was friends and family. Maybe in June or July...
  15. what is the difference between a Gift card event and the triple points?? thanks