Is Rouge Vif back?

  1. I was re-reading simplyprincess' thread about her sweet DH and the rouge vif togo Birkin he got her for Valentine's Day and it struck me - rouge vif..... ROUGE VIF!!!:nuts: One of my favourite H colours!

    So, that has me wondering, what is the status of this gorgeous colour? Is it back for general store orders or thru podium?
  2. Very good question...I was wondering that mayself.
  3. Honestly, I have not seen it. Lots of Garance though. Any vif in my store is older merchandise.
  4. I wondered the same thing and that was my best conclusion...
    It's a great color.
  5. Anyone???
  6. Good question, was wondering myself...
  7. I agree with hermesgroupie - I haven't seen it in a bag in my store for a little over 3 years.

    Last I heard - it may still be available by special order but only in select leathers (fjord was one mentioned) - but there are no guarantees with such orders... if that makes sense!
  8. Oh! I love rouge vif. I only wish the stores weren't overflowed with rouge garance only (or eventually vermillon).

    Rouge Garance is nice, but rouge vif is soooo much better!

    Ah, rouge vif in Box!!!!! (I know, I know, impossible to get)
  9. Rouge vif!!

    My heart is a-flutter!
  10. HG... I was able to get rouge vif in ostrich last month.. howcome?? is it still available in ostrich?? it wasnt a SO..
  11. According to my SA, it is currently offered in Fjord and Ostrich. But in the other leathers it is "temporarily unavailable".

    If I had to speculate, it sounds like it MAY still be able to be special ordered in other leathers, but it's not currently available for podium orders.
  12. pinkish, WOW! rouge vif ostrich! That is very rare! May we please see a picture of this beauty? :yes: :yes: :drool: :drool: :drool:
  13. My SO chevre 28cm Kelly was ordered as black with rouge Vif lining. I specifically asked if it was being discontinued and the H craftsperson said it was a current color. Hope that helps.