Is rouge theatre that good?

  1. I was watching a rt first bnwt on eBay and it sold for over $1,600. Wow. Is rt THAT good? I wish I could see one IRL. I have a tomato first and a rouge vif city but I am really curious about the rt. I know people have posted comparison pics but I just can't get a handle on it. Why do you love it?
  2. To me, Rouge_Theatre is the perfect red color. It's a very subtle red, not super-bright, but bright enough that when people see it, they say..."oh that's a great color".
  3. RT is a very dark red, almost burgundy. I don't think it is worth over retail. Especially now that Balenciaga seems to be almost repeating the 'hit' colors from prior seasons. I sold a couple of RT bags I had because I finally realized red bags aren't for me.
  4. RT is so elusive...

    I think Tomato is that good too!
  5. It's that good! LOL For me it's the perfect shade of red! If it's your HG it's worth the price but if it isn't then it's not. I am one that will pay over retail for a discountinued color that I know I will LOVE but I know there are others that won't and how I wish I had that will power!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wouldn't get caught up on the frenzy of others raving about a particular color~ it has to be a color that you know you would use and absolutely adore to spend a fortune.
  6. It is a beautiful blood red. But, the leather is thin and somewhat veiny. I went thru 2 twiggys, 2 days, and 2 cities looking for the *right* one. The leather just didn't do it for me.
  7. I love RT – it is not as dark as grenat or bordeaux, or as bright as tomato or rouge vif. I love RT more than the 03 true red!!!
  8. ITA. RT is my favorite Balenciaga color but I ended up selling my RT city just because I didn't really like the leather. Pretty much all of the RT bags I've seen have had really distressed, thin leather- much different from other 05 bags. I'm really hoping that Balenciaga will do another red similar to RT for f/w 08.
  9. wow i would have thought RT was that great 05 leather - which is elusive too!
  10. Spring/Summer 05 leather is great. Fall/Winter 05 leather is whne Bal changed to the thin/veiny leather.
  11. I :heart: my RT day. The tassles are super thick. The leather feels about the same thickness as my 07 bag. I totally love the color, a deep true red that isn't shocking and is shocking if you know what I mean. The saturation is fabulous. Obviously I'm totally biased. :shame:
  12. I think it was s/s '06 when they got thin and veiny. I have f/w '05 caramel, chocolate and have seen lots of f/w 20052 bags that have gorgeous leather. I really can't tell any difference between my s/s and f/w 2005 bags.

    As far at RT, I prefer VIF. Rouge Theatre is darker and has a tint of blue in the red which doesn't look good on me. I have the same problem with red nail ploish. They can't have any blue or they look terrible. A touch of orange tone, they look fine. My favorite reds are VIF and this years Tomato.
  13. ITA - after hunting them down forever, i have owned 3 RT's and sold them all - the color is gorgeous, i'm just not a red bag kinda girl! :nogood: but RT is like a drug to some people - they just have to have it!!!!
    and i agree with powder - the only bag i ever regretted selling was my rouge vif Day bag:crybaby: it had the thickest leather and the color was just perfect...

    congrats to whoever but that little RT First, but that price is still crazy:wtf:
  14. I too was caught up in the RT frenzy, then I took my 06 Grenat Work to meet a PF friend with an RT City and LO! The two colors were very very similar. :yes:
  15. I agree with the other gals who said it's that good, but only with yummy leather. I have also seen quite a few that were veiny and thin. BUT, I had one, it was gorgeous and had thick chewy leather. It's hit and miss for me.

    Rouge Vif, this color works for me, most of the Vif bags have delish leather too.