Is Rose Lipstick peachy to you??

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  1. Hello ~ all you knowledgeable ladies of this forum,
    I just wanted to know for whoever that owns this color (Rose Lipstick), if it is a true "barbie pink" or a more "peachy pink". I've seen crevette and flamingo, and neither color does anything for me. I think it's the muted orange tone that turns me off. I've scoured the forum for lots of pics of Rose Lipstick, and every one of them seems like the most ideal pink ever..bright and true. Thus it ended up on my number one wishlist.
    Recently, I've seen a seller's pic of RL, and the non-flash pics look very orangey. Which totally surprised me and so now I'm hesitant to continue further until I get second opinions here from my tpf family..
  2. Rose Lipstick is definitely rich pink, without any orange undertone like Flamingo and Crevette.
  3. Thank you Starstarz! In natural indoor light it is definitely a pink and not a peach?
  4. Its very pink...not peachy or salmony at all. I describe it as Pepto-Bismol pink, but much tastier!
  5. Thank you so much dear..that sounds delish and absolutely perfect! I feel much more reassured now..:smile:
  6. I definitely is not Crevette or flamingo, but what leather was it that you saw? I will try to do comparison pic of crevette and RL for you tonight if you'd like to wait. :smile:
  7. Hi dear, this is captured under indoor lighting

  8. It was togo..oh dear ARLV8500, I would be grateful beyond words! :hugs::tender::girlsigh:
    I've seen crevette and flamingo IRL either bags or wallet but for RL, not even SLGs, so everything that I think I like is from pics. And of course, I'm particularly picky about the right shade of pink..hopefully it's "pepto bismal" pink! :love: I'll try to be patient as I wait for your pics dear!:yw:
  9. :loveeyes::love::heart::faint:
    Yours is absolutely gorgeous dear, thank you so much for this wonderful eye candy! It's exactly how I would dress my fictional one up in my head with that cw twilly and that cw marahaja shawl and that macaroon charm that I got from my last visit to Paris. If that carmencita is menthe, then it's down to a tee! :giggles:

    What shade would you describe it to be, with flash and without flash??
  10. I love pinks, and have seen the various pinks Hermes has to offer. Rose lipstick is definitely a true bright solid pink, without any hint of peach/orange undertones! RL will be gorgeous and perfect for a pink lover dear!

  11. Magnifique! 😘
  12. Thanks sweetie Pancake! :hugs:That's what I was hoping for too! So now dilemma number 2 is RL or RT??? I'm in love with both equally although I must admit, RT would match my wardrobe colors better than RL would..:hrmm::-s:wondering:weird::cray:
  13. Both are very pretty... I prefer RT over RL, its SO striking.. What bag size are you looking at? Maybe that will influence your decision....
  14. light and girly pink
  15. Hi my dear! You know how I feel about the undertones of RL versus RT. Rt has blue undertones and I can GUARANTEE you RL has yellow (verging on peach undertones). I agree it is not Crevette or Flamingo but it is not a straight "pink" in undertones if that makes any sense at all. I attached some pictures for you. Two inside and two outside. No flash on either. I do not add filters or saturate my pictures as I feel it is unfair to those trying to guage a color's worth. Non of these were taken with my camera phone either which I feel can often alter a picture to quite a degree. I will let you determine the difference. Hugs. BTW with ANY of the colors you cant go wrong in the end. They are all just depends what undertones you prefer...some eyes prefer blue toned colors, some yellow toned colors. Hugs!

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