Is Rose Dragee a good everyday color for spring/summer?

  1. I haven't had the luxury of viewing this IRL. But soon will... I was just wondering what others thought. Too light for everyday use? I've seen a couple photos on this forum but you know how a crappy monitor can alter the true color scheme. On one it looks like poudre. On the other it looks light pink. Tia!
  2. If looking at the leather swatch is anything to go by, it looks like pastel pink. By very pale. I think it's a great colour for the season and because it's such a refreshing change to the deeper colours that Hermes has, it's a very sought after colour.

    On the maintenance side of things, I personally cannot handle a leather this colour. Like white, it'll be a dirt magnet. It's therefore a decision between aesthetics and practicality, and I have no choice but to choose the latter .... I am a hopeless klutz (the sort that will knock wine glasses over) :sweatdrop:
  3. No, rose dragge IRL do not have the same tone as poudre. It's pale pink. paler than rose indienne. too light for everyday use, depends on you. if you're clumsy, don't buy. if you're not clumsy, do buy. sorry but i must mention this, i dunno noe why ppl keep asking shld they buy white, shld they buy white coz it's a dirt magnet. i mean whether the leather becomes dirty or not, it's up to u. many ppl have white bags but their white bags still look okie and not yellowish or dirty. similar 2 rose dragee. if afraid of that the bag will become dirty, don't buy at all. it's logical anything light in color can get dirt easily. ;)


  4. I agree w/ Mrs. Sparkles.
  5. actually i love the color. id be more concerned about the leather swift :biggrin:
  6. Wish I could carry the lighter colors but I'm a klutz and it would remain light for a matter of minutes.

    For Spring/Summer I might do something with Toile....some yummy combination of Toile/Box or Toile/Barenia.
  7. well i'm not a klutz - however my DH is!!! but he knows well enough to stay c-l-e-a-r of my purses whenever he's holding a wineglass.:yes:

    as for my adorable pup, one whiff of every new bag is enough to satisfy his curiousity.:p

    thanks for all your input ladies! i guess this means i just have to see it for myself and decide then. keep y'all posted. ;)
  8. Question - I've always wondered if Hermes handbag leathers are treated in any way to protect them? Can you wipe off dirt with a damp cloth??
  9. Lisa - no, they're specifically not treated with anything at all. You can, on some leathers, buff marks out, and Hermes offer a spa treatment where they can re-furb the leather (sometimes bringing it back to almost brand new).
  10. OH, interesting sidenote on the discolouration thing...I was discussing white leathers at my store (as I still have a hankering for the white/toile combo), and I was told there was a white Kelly brought in from the 60's - NEVER used, never saw the light of day....and it had yellowed. So there you go - you can buy a white bag, be as sterile as you like, and your leather may still yellow over time.
  11. Swift, like the other soft leathers, has a tendency to grey at the edges with the lighter colors.
  12. While the color is pretty in real life, I think it's a bit too light for everyday use... Just my honest opinion :smile:
  13. Yellowed w/ age & greying corners?!?! Forget it! I'd be so p***ed. I prefer my bags to age well. Thanks for the helpful tidbits, Grands Fonds & Hermesgroupie. I'm definitely going to pass!
  14. When she showed me the rose dragee, my SA at the mothership said as-a- matter-of-factly "Good for Spring and sumer". I agree. It is nice as a seasonal color. But really the color can be very close to white so you got to be real careful about usage.
  15. It would be concern is the know, handle with a tiny bit more of care.