Is roast beef (sandwiches) healthy?

  1. I usually eat Turkey sandwiches because it is healthy. Are roast beef sandwiches generally healthy? I usually use wheat bread and no mayo, oil, etc so I am just concerned about the meat. Thanks!!!
  2. It's pretty lean-- it has ~1 gram of fat per ounce...
  3. I hope so, I love them lol
  4. It's actually really healthy. My brother eats roast beef and turkey sandwiches DAILY (he's lost so much weight by switching to this "diet"). He uses the Oscar Meyer pre-packed deli sliced roast beef and turkey. It really has so few calories, the only caveat is sodium but it's not AS sodium laced as something like say, Spam?

    It depends what kind of roast beef. If you're talking about the kind my brother uses which is the Oscar Meyer brand and is really lean and thin, then yes, you'll be fine. If you're talking roast beef as in something you'd get from Quizno's, then that's a different story. :yes:

    My brother eats his sandwiches with mayo, lettuce, and wheat bread and he's lost weight. :yes:
  5. I think as long as its lean it's fine - especially since you don't use mayo or anything - good source of protein. I'm seeing 2oz portions between 60-90 calories depending so go for it!
  6. Thanks all!!!