Is RM available in Europe?

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  1. I'm a big fan of RM bags but would love to see them in person before ordering them online...

    DOes anyone know if any stores in the UK or Europe hold RM bags??

    :smile: thanksss:love:
  2. RM has boutiques in Paris.. but i dont know where exactly.
    I live in Europe too and order RM-bags on the internet.. you should do that too if u want to.
  3. i've just ordered my first RM bag! Nikki in wine on the internet.
    do u know if there are boutiques in london?
  4. No i dont, ive read the biography on the (she says she has boutiques in FRANCE, sorry i said paris, but it is France)
    Where did u order the wine nikki?
  5. from the RM website! can't wait to receive it!
  6. ohh... im so envy you.. I want the nikki wine too, but the shipping costs are so high.
    How much do you have to pay?
  7. Hmm, there are no European retailers listed on the RM website, except for Moscow. Perhaps could try emailing RM directly? That's how I found list of authorised retailers for my country.
  8. Hi suetje its 95$ for international shipping but it includes custom charges...

    thanks janechin76 i'll definetly email RM.
  9. What are custom charges?
    The taxes that we have to pay for import?