Is revision rhinoplasty worth it?


Aug 17, 2020
I had my nose done in january this year. I had a slight dorsal hump, slightly deviated septum, and droopy nose tip. I wanted a more feminine and less "strong" look, but I feel like my doctor made me look a little bit harsher than before. He made my nose even taller and extended the tip out further, so it's bigger than it was before. It's kind of like a triangle nose? I really am not a huge fan of it sometimes. (I'll post pictures later). Anyways, my point is that my "new nose" is really not to my standard at all. I'm trying to learn to like it because it's not as bad as it could be, but I miss the softer look that my nose had before. Given the possibility of getting botched, is revision rhinoplasty worth it? Tbh the first surgery messed me up mentally. I mean it made me terrified and I had nightmares a lot because of it (you can read that in my other post) but I really don't feel like this nose is "me." Should I just try to accept it and not risk it? It's functionally okay but it's just "eh" looking to me. Someone who has had revision rhionplasty please give me your thoughts. I am very scared tbh.