Is returning a bag OK to do?

  1. Do the Coach stores get annoyed if an individual returns something?
    I purchased a bag about 9 months ago and just never fell in love with it (it was never used and was still in the original box) so I decided to return it today and purchased a bag for $200 more. A sales associate helped me but she mentioned to maybe give my other bag a second chance. Since I really wanted that Legacy bag I decided to buy it instead of giving the old bag a second chance.
    I definitely don't plan on making returning an item a habit but just wondered if I did something wrong today.
    I wouldn't want the powers that be to take away my chance of getting future discount invitations, LOL.
  2. I return Coach stuff all the time (but not more than I buy) and have never had an issue with it. I think the fact that you ended up buying another bag on the spot that cost even more works in your favor as well. The important thing, IMHO, is that you 1) buy more than you return, 2) don't buy tons of stuff and then return most of it (because they will peg you as a reseller, true or not, and ban you), and 3) never return anything that isn't in resaleable condition (unless it's a defect, and that's why you're returning it). No reason to be paranoid if you're not abusing the privilege, and it doesn't sound like you are. JMHO as a Coach addict (but not an SA).

    FWIW, most of the stuff I return is what I've had to special order because the store didn't have it, and then when I got it, it wasn't what I had expected. Since they always make a big point of saying that it's totally returnable if I don't like it, I believe them and do exactly that if it's not what I wanted. And like I said before, I've never had a problem or even a hint that they don't like it. I've even returned an outlet bag to the regular store (with receipt, natch, because they won't take it otherwise) and used the store credit to buy a bag that was $100 more. No problem. That's why I love Coach.
  3. My store in California used to try and order stuff for me all the time...they always said if I didn't like it I could return it. My thing its...I don't have the willpower. I've only returned two coach things ever.... So if you don't think you can use it, and have the willpower to bring it back...good for you!
  4. Thanks for the replies! I'm glad I waited to return because I got a cute bag. As soon as I buy a new bag or wallet I have to immediately empty out the current bag/wallet and start using the new one, so since it was 9 months since I bought that one I kinda knew.
  5. I just returned a purse that I bought a year ago and upgraded to the legacy satchel I think coach is wonderful. I knew in my heart I would never carry the purse since I had it a year andnever did. so now I'm happy and so is the person who may have wanted my purse. I buy far more than I return.
  6. I think returning is ok. I think that what mharvey said was right on point. If you are buying more than you are returning, you are more of the customer they want because they know they are going to get that money back from you eventually.