is renting your own place really giving you the privacy you want?

  1. a friend of mine stays at her boyfriend's studio practically every night...

    we were drinking red wine last week and she told me that she's been really tired lately..

    every 6.30am at her boyfriends, there will be a full 20 seconds :wtf: of headboards banging against the wall. they couldn't figure which apartment it's coming from.

    the first 15 seconds will be slow banging, and the last 5 will be superjet fast banging, on the 21st second there will be a soft "ahhhh..".

    my friend, of course, is awakened every morning at exactly 6.30am.

    again one night she went to her boyfriend's and the banging started at 11.30 and lasted for 20 seconds. 20 seconds. again, the soft "ahhhh.." follows..and the next morning again at 6.30am the banging starts and ends after 20 seconds with another "ahhh...".

    she got so mad that she complained about people having sex for 20 seconds to the management.

    the management had a hard time finding out which apartment it was because technically they couldn't knock at the door and ask "who's the 20-second guy?????"

    NOTE: throughout the 2 weeks that her bf has been living in that complex, apart from that "ahhh..." (a man's voice)..she has tried hard to figure out whether he's just giving himself a good treat, or that he's playing with plasticky jen because..she tried so hard to figure out whether there was actually a female partner, and decided against that. :s

    What would you do in this situation?
  2. hahahahhahhahhahha


    i just read this out loud of my bf...


    I don't know what I would do as for I DO have freaky neighbors but she is hardly ever home anyways!!
  3. Slip a note under the door.
  4. That's pretty darn funny.
  5. hahaha!!
  6. i nearly splurted the red wine on my friend's face when she told me..seriously u guys have no idea..we were laughing so hard that we literally fell on the floor
  7. Honestly, I think I could deal with a mere 20 seconds a day of noise. Maybe get some earplugs? Learn to sleep through it? This is a pretty minor annoyance compared to what you could be subjected to while living in an apartment complex...
  8. time she hears it just have her laugh really loud. Then maybe when they/he hears her laughing he'll know that she and everybody else have been hearing it.

  9. LOL. i would do this too..LAUGH!!!
  10. rofl. i would knock or make noises right when they start/finish since it happens so often!
  11. i just told my friend to do the same thing..banging headboards, 20 secs, followed by a moan. :shrugs::lol:
  12. I would invite all my friends at 6.30 am and have a good laugh together (for 20 seconds)!!
  13. lol .... this is just too funny :p

    I'd be trying to compete with that if I was in your friend's place .... they should try some louder banging and moaning (ok, I don't mean that as inappropriate as it sounds) .... maybe the neighbour isn't aware of how audible he was :shrugs: .... (or maybe he is just some kind of perv :sweatdrop:

  14. :lol: I'd do this. Too funny.
  15. I'd clap.