Is reissue dark navy grey and charcoal the same for Fall 2012? Have to decide...

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  1. Hi,

    Some of you may know I have been searching for reissue charcoal 225 or 226 for a while, with no luck. I was told by my SA that the style code I have (A37590Y07469, color 15231) was from Asian region. Anyway...everywhere I called/visited, I was told they were sold out., I was called from my another SA that she has two for me to choose from both RHW. She called both navy...well she termed them; dark navy and dark navy grey:shrugs:
    As far as I can tell, the lighter one is navy (lighter version of Fall 2012 classic lamb navy). The darker one, to me, is more grey than dark navy.
    My question is: Is the dark navy grey, in fact, charcoal grey I have been searching for? I cannot see both in person. She said it's from this season. Anyone is familiar with these two colors for Fall 2012.

    Any helps will be much appreciated. I have to decide by tomorrow.
  2. Super thanks! :smooch:

    I was surprised today when I contacted my SA to tell her I decided to go for the darker navy (color 930254) in 226. She doubled check and found out that it was actually 227. I was so ready to cry when she had me on hold and went back to her stock room and found a one and only beautiful grey 226 for me. I was :loveeyes: . Suffice to say, this bag is on the way overnight:giggles: to me.

    She promised everything was perfect for this bag that I would love her to death. I just keep my fingers crossed and see for myself :cool::cool::cool: