Is Reissue 226 size good for everyday bag?

  1. I was wondering how many of you use reissue 226 size for daily use instead of a special occasion bag. I tend to carry a lot of stuff in my purse and want to know if 226 will be good size bag for me to use everyday. Od course, I'll cut down the number of stuff once I get the bag..^^
    Or 227 size will be better? I want to get classic flap in medium for a special occasion bag but want to use reissue as my day bag. Any advice will be much appreciated.:yes:
  2. I think it could be for some, but I personally prefer the 227 or 228. It isn't even so much that I have a ton of stuff that I need to pack in for the most part, I just want it available if I do need it. I actaully don't even have a good reason for this.

    Let's just say this: it's personal preference. Go with what you are comfortable with! :tup:
  3. Well if you say you carry a lot of stuff I'd have to say no. A 227 would definitely be much better. The 227 can even go from day to night. I find it more versatile than the 226.
  4. I'd use the 226 reissue for more formal events and since you plan to get the med/large classic flap I'd suggest you get a 227 reissue for all day round use ! you can put more things into it too!
  5. 226 is way too small for everyday use, especially if you carry alot of stuff.
  6. I hope to get the purple reissue in a 226. I usually don't carry much at all.
  7. It depends on the amount of stuffs that you carry everyday. I agree that 226 doesn't fit that much. But its a perfect sized bag IMO. But if you need extra room. Then the 227 would be better. Goodluck!
  8. imo the 226 is a great size. yes, you do have to downsize a bit to make everything fit, but i think it just looks great for the day!
  9. I also think the 226 is small for day use. I started carrying a card holder instead of a wallet, and that helps when I use a small bag. The 226 can carry a sunglass case, phone and keys, with the cc holder.

    I love the 226 for evening, but prefer a larger bag for day. The 228 is PERFECT!
  10. I think this'll vary person to person. In general, I don't carry a lot, so the 226 actually works very well for me. I can fit my large agenda in there with room, my regular long-sized continental wallet, cell phone, 6-key case, pen, and lipstick/gloss. And I still got room after that stuff is in there.

    Whenever I carry anything bigger, it does afford me the flexibility of carrying sunglasses in the case, glasses in the case, water bottle, and a bunch of other stuff.. which I find is what ends up happening.. I end up carrying around with me lots of stuff that I may potentially need in a day, but I might end up not using at all and just lugging around. The paper and miscellaneous stuff accumulates in a larger bag too. That's just me.

    With the 226, there's just less clutter cuz the size just won't allow it! I tried using a medium classic flap for everyday too and while things fit, it was definitely a much tighter fit than the 226.

    You can't fit a magazine in a 226, but in a 227 you can! I still can't fit a water bottle into a 227 though - I don't like stuffing my flaps so that's just something that'll never happen for me.. water bottle in a flap.
  11. ^ Haha girl, I'll join you in the no water bottle in my flap club! :p

    jhsmama - I definitely have used a 226 reissue as a day rather than just a special occasion bag, but I'm also someone who has no problem carrying a medium flap (which has less room than the 226) during the day either hehe. :smile:

    I like the 227 reissue for when I need more room (aka need to throw in a sunglasses hard case, miscellaneous crap haha, etc.), and if you tend to carry a lot, even if you cut out items, you might find that the 226 is a bit too small for you. :smile:

    Sooo... if you're getting a medium classic flap as your special occasion bag (great idea!), seeing as how there isn't much difference size wise between a 226 reissue and a medium flap, maybe you should consider a 227 reissue as your day bag (which is comparable in size to the Jumbo classic flap). :flowers: The 226 and 227 are my favorite sizes actually... as far as I'm concerned, you can't go wrong with either!! :love:
  12. this is really depends on personal preference. i like 226 better than 227 because i am petite. and i like to wear the bag with single strap ( longer style). and i dont carry that much . so size 226 is perfect day bag for me.
  13. Thanks everyone for replies.
    I agree with you fieryfashionist that since I will get classic medium flap, I would want something little bigger and 227 would be a perfect size. And as I said, I do carry lots of stuff in my bag ^^.
    If I do get lucky and get the bag, I'll post the pics.
  14. oh.. thanks for the references ladies.. and good luck jhsmama... i have been thinking bout the dark purple reissue since my SA told me about it 2 months ago.. and don't know what size to get neither.. i am a reissue virgin :shame:

    and remember to post pix!!!