Is regifting (sort of) wrong?

  1. A guy I work with broke up with his GF. She literally had dozens of used and new designer bags. He has been selling them around the office and a few here and there on eBay and in consignment shops. His ex bought 6 of the same bag to give as presents to her wedding party but obviously the wedding is off. He said it's difficult to sell 6 of the same on eBay for obvious reasons and a female friend of his just happened to see one of the bags he had out to take pictures of. She hasn't shut up about it and he was considering giving it to her for her birthday next week. I think he's nuts cause it's a very expensive gift and he needs the money to pay off extreme debt from the ex. Plus it was purchased as a gift for someone else. Whadda ya think?

    By the way: If you are looking to sell anything pricey, he said he has done very, very well in upscale consignment shops (we have tons of them here). This way the consumer gets to see your stuff in person and there is no nonsense like on the auction sites. I have actually purchased a few things from consignment, got a wonderful, brand new condition, authentic, vintage Gucci for 100 bucks...amongst other things. I have also gotten a few replicas but the store owners are always nice and have let me take the items to be authenticated (by leaving a credit card number of course).
  2. Personally, I don't think there is anything wrong with regifting. I was given a CHLOE Paddington as a b-day gift by my DH but haven't used it once (it's just no me) so I gave it to my SIL. At least somebody is enjoying it.
  3. I don't think there's anything wrong with that, but selling may be a better option for your coworker if he's incurred a lot of debt because of these bags.
  4. Regifting is not wrong...unless it's food and someone took a bite out of it already.

    My mama give me her stuff she doesn't use all the time... And we gift swap every christmas. It's kinda fun because I always get what other people don't want but I actually like.
  5. I think if he purchased it, it's his decision. I see nothing wrong with it. He obviously knows she loves it.
  6. I dont think there is any thing wrong with it.
  7. no, in this case he is entitled to do whatever he pleases, considering the circumstances. since the bag is brand new and it will save him time from buying another gift for his friend.
  8. I don't think there is anything wrong with it. You can't go wrong giving people a LV as long it's authentic.
  9. I think its fine to regift something as long as you know that the person would get more use out of it then you would and that they would enjoy it more.
  10. I don't see anything wrong with regifting, but I am curious as to why his girlfriend didn't take her bags when the relationship broke up? :huh:
  11. Nothing wrong with regifting as long as the person who gave you the gift won't find out or won't be offended if they do find out.
  12. It was a joint credit card and she owes him bigtime! She's in the ballpark of about 30 grand plus the wedding that never happened.
    She left clothing (800 each designer suits), a load of jewelry and I would say about 30 or so designer handbags and maybe a dozen pair of brand new in the box designer shoes. I shopped with her a few times and she didn't even bat an eye when it came to price. I will say though, she bought a lot of things for furture gifts (always buying for someone's birthday or stockpiling for Christmas, etc) and was very generous to their family and friends when it came to buying expensive she wasn't completely selfish! She also had a very very good job and then lost it and I don't think she made the adjustment to suddenly not being able to afford the things she never worried about before. I would never say it to him but I think she left him because she felt like she was becomming a burden to him. So anyhow, she told him to consign, auction or do whatever with everything she left, I guess to payback the only way she could.
  13. I dont think anyone will look a gifthorse in the mouth when it comes to an authentic handbag.
  14. I kind of empathize with my friend's ex, I left an amazing job in October to stay at home when I had my son. It is a very difficult adjustment financially, especially since I made double what my better half does and now with one income, I had to curb my spending and it kills me. I never had to think twice before and had it pretty good. Now, I just try to behave and not look at ELuxury. LOL We went to LV a couple of weekends ago and I couldn't control myself and walked out with Priscilla...