Is red too risky to wear to a wedding? It's in Turkey!

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  2. Where in Turkey is the wedding? I used to be in a Turkish club but never went to a Turkish wedding. If it is in a large city like Istanbul or Ankara you'll be able to be more liberal in dress. I still don't know if I would wear red though. If it's in a small town or Eastern Turkey it will be stricter and more islamic so you'll want to be more covered. Hope this helps...
  3. Wow, I don't know anything about Turkish customs! If it's a darker red and in a modest cut, it seems like it would be okay, but I'd do some internet research or ask family/friends who will also be attending, just to be sure!
  4. I didn't evne think of that lol, eep!!! Thanks a lot xx
  5. I would have to say no.
    I wore red to a Greek wedding once and was told afterward by my boyfriend at the time that it was a big faux pas.
    He should have told me before.
  6. Now you all have me worried....are you not supposed to wear red to a wedding? I just bought a red dress to wear to a wedding next weekend...thanks
  7. ^^ sadly, i'd have to agree with the "no red dress"...i've been to turkey 3x & have been to a turkish wedding (although that was @ "the plaza hotel" in nyc) & it's a pretty conservative country...especially when you're talking about a big family-oriented function like that...i'd wear a conservative black cocktail dress & heels instead :tup:
  8. definitely depends on where in Turkey and how "Western" the family is.

    I was in Istanbul recently and was pleasantly surprised by how aceepting people were of Western dress and attitudes, but if you are outside of Istanbul or Ankara, you never know.

    It certainly doesn't hurt to be overly conservative in dress in that part of the world. I would check with some older females in the family and see what they are wearing and what they expect their daughters and daughters in law to wear.

    If this is your first trip to Turkey, definitely see if you can get your SO (or someone) to take you on a water tour of the Bospherous.
  9. I don't know anything about Turkey, so this might be an irrelevant comparison, but in India bright colors are commonly worn to weddings. Additionally, I think you can get away with a lot more in terms of color if you wear native dress (if applicable - I don't know if the Turkish wear things like salwar kameez).

    Otherwise, it is a much better bet to go as conservative as possible so as not to stand out or offend. When in doubt, don't wear bright colors!
  10. I am sorry but this is completely untrue!You can wear any color you like! I am greek and I know!BTW Greek and Turkish weddings have no similarities at all!Bear in mind that some areas in Turkey are extremely conservative!If I were you I would worry about the cut of the dress and not the color!
  11. Red is also okay in Taiwan--it's considered a lucky color! The bride even wears a red Chinese dress (amongst others outfits at the wedding banquet)
  12. I totally realize that Greece and Turkey have different customs in many ways, not just weddings. I did'nt mean to indicate that both nationalities are the same.
    I hestitated to post for this reason, but decided to based on a really bad experience I had.
    I live in a pretty conservative town, they are a well known very traditional Greek family. The wedding was at an Orthodox church, spoken in greek and english translation.
    I was also told by his mother that my boyfriend (at the time) should have told me more about the event.

    It taught me to err on the side of caution when you are unsure about something like this. Thats what I wanted to convey
  13. I wouldn't wear red to any wedding. It's too attention grabbing. Everyone should be focused on the bride.
  14. I would go more conservative too unless you know the family is pretty western which is more likely if it is a big city like Istanbul. I have only gone to turkish parties and events (but not a wedding) and I never saw red at any of them. Most of the turks I knew were from large cities and were quite westernized. I have only met a few people from Eastern Turkey and the impression I got is Eastern Turkey and the small towns are quite conservative and traditionally Muslim. I don't know much about wedding customs though.
  15. ^^ ITA!!! :cutesy: