Is red epi speedy a good bag for work?

  1. Or is it too playful to carry to work?:shame:

    Any thoughts?
  2. Depends on what kind of work environment you are in. In most, it should be OK, since red is a safe color (and red is gorgeous in Epi!). With no overload of logos or overdone hardware, it is simple enough to complement every outfit and not "scream" when you carry it from place to place (hard to do if you get a Marc Jacobs Stam or a Chloe Paddington-- bags like those are a lot more tricky to carry in an office, but it is possible)! Anyhow, I have the Cerises Speedy, and I am in love with the shape and versatility. The plain Monogram Speedy is on my wish list for this winter!
  3. The red epi is sophisticated and understated, as is the speedy; just enough "fun" without being "too fun," IMHO.

    Do you work in a Law office, perchance?
  4. I think that this bag would look great in a work environment. It is simple and elegant, fun and classy. All at the same time. Plus there is something about that red.
  5. Yes, red will add in a tone of seriousness and sophistry in any corporate outfit IMO and the red epi is a true beauty for that. Go for it!
  6. Red Speedy is a fun bag because of the color and still professional because of its shape, I believe you can kill two birds with one shoot with this one:yes:
  7. I think a red speedy is a great choice for work, definitely not too playful. Red is a power color and it makes a bold statement in the workplace.

    I carry my red jasmin to work and I think she fits in really well!
  8. I think it's okay even in most conservative work environments. :smile:
  9. The redness of the epi will also allow you to display your personality without having to compromise your overall look. It's a classy, but tasteful, way to add a little kick to your appearance, and the bag itself just screams quality.
  10. I think the red epi speedy is formal enough to carry around in (most) work environments.
  11. It's bold and beautiful. I don't see why not. If you want something smaller....maybe the Jasmin?
  12. I work in a big tech company and most of my coworkers are pretty low key.

    I read though all your replies. Thank you for your input.

    I have decided to carry my red speedy to work tomorrow! It has been sitting in my closet since I bought it over three months ago. Only took it out for shopping once. Starting to feel bad for the beautiful bag.:shame: Thank you girls!:yahoo:
  13. Oh my! Must definitely bring your beautiful bag into the sunshine and enjoy her!!! :yes:
  14. Go for it.
  15. ^^ agree.