Is Rectangular Mini OK for Tall 5'10" height?

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  1. Hi all,

    I love the look and the ability to wear it crossbody. I just have never tried it on in real life and was wondering if anyone where who is 5'10" talle (or around that height) owns the rectangular mini and whether you could share some photos of you carrying it. Thank you!
  2. Sweetie, petite or tall, you gotta just love (want) the bag for what it is. Some days you might just need your phone and lipstick and other days you need to bring more so you wear a bigger bag. I don’t think your height should necessarily determine whether you get the mini or not. If you love it, want it, crave it, go for it. But if you are uncertain & concerned with the proportions & don’t want to take a chance on a possible $3800(+ tax) mistake, then walk away. These days, most rules In fashion are out the door. Wear what you want to wear, what’s comfortable for you & what you think looks good on you. BP (body positive & bag positive).
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  3. Thank you for your advice. I am not looking at the minis because its "in" right now. I am way too old to be following trends. I like the mini because of its longer strap and I usually carry minimal things anyway. I just wanted to make sure the strap was long enough for me to wear both on the shoulder and crossbody. Since the stores are closed here, I am not able to try it on and was hoping to see other taller gals with their minis to see how it looks proportion wise.
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    I am 5'9, at least 5'11 in a heel :smile: I don't know if I have posted pictures in the forum or not, but the mini rectangle def. works for me. I have a thin body type and it does hang right near my hip, I can rest my hand on top of the bag. I think a bigger body type would mean it comes up higher. Of all the mini bags it seems to work the best for my height, aside from a woc. It would definitely work as a shoulder bag. I prefer the square mini but it sits closer to the waist. You won't get a nice long comfortable feeling at 5'10 with a mini but it also won't look like a play toy on you, it will look decent where it hangs. I posted me with a reissue 224, it will hang to about the same place.
  5. That looks great on you! Is the strap on the mini reissue about the same as the rectangular mini?
  6. I am pretty sure my rect. mini is just slightly longer. The mini in the pic has some chain along the top of the flap taking away length and the mini doesn't have that. But very comparable.
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