Is Rebecca Minkoff making wallets??????

  1. Lookie here! I see wallets!

    Does anyone know if there are in fact RM wallets in production?
  2. Over in the RM celebrity sightings thread there's a pic of Miley Cyrus carrying that first gold one as a clutch!
  3. I believe that is technically referred to as a clutch. It's called the 'stud clutch'. I agree it looks like it could be used as a wallet as well depending on what the pockets on the inside look like, if there are any.
  4. oooh! A wallet would be fabulous! esp. if it was reminiscent of her new Lex...but more compact...a covertible wallet! the studded quilted clutch is cute!
  5. Yes, they look similar to some of the zip clutches out there that can be used as clutches or wallets. I use my MJ zip clutch as a wallet.

    Cute cute cute!