Is RealDealCollection's website working?

  1. Hi ladies,
    I've been trying to log on to realdealcollection's website but I keep getting a security certificate warning .. has anyone else been having this problem???
  2. its working okay for me....
  3. it says there is a security certificate warning ... what link are you following?
  4. I keep getting it too, it states 'there is a problem with this sites security certificate.'
  5. Sorry about that, I didn't renew the Security Certificate b/c I decided against processing credit cards directly on my site. It's unnecessary since I use Google Checkout and PayPal for credit card payment processing.

    If you have the old "https" link bookmarked change it to one of these: (slideshow)
    or (our products)

    In addition, you might have to "refresh" your browser window to clear your cache of the old pages. Please let me know if anyone still has problems with the site. Thanks!
  6. Those work great....thanks!!:tup: