Is Quilted Elise a nice bag?

  1. My friend told me she found a Marc Jacobs Quilted Elise in Black at her local outlet. The way she describes it, it sounds like an Elise. There's no name on the tag but the serial number is 73019. Do you know how to decode that?

    It's $735 plus 20% off. Should I tell her to get it for me? I've been wanting a Venetia so haven't looked at Elise much.

  2. Oooooo! I thinking finding a quilted Elise at an outlet store is a great find!! I've only seen one Elise, and not a quilted one, at my outlet stores in the last 1 1/2 years and I go pretty regularly. And even better if it's in a classic color like Black. I think you should go for it!!

    Also, that serial number doesn't seem right. MJ collection bags should start with a 3 and then the next number is the year. 6 = 2006, 7 = 2007, etc. Maybe you could call the store and ask them to describe it to you over the phone?

    Good luck with your decision!
  3. I don't know how to decode that, but the quilted elise is beautiful in person. I have seen one in person and it is the perfect size! I have been searching for an authentic one, and have lost a few times on eBay. I say go for it!!!:tup:
  4. I have a quilted Elise in Topaz and really love it! It's so classy and feminine. For that price you should definitely go for it!!

    I'm not sure your style number is correct though. Mine reads C363019.
  5. Thanks everyone for your reply. I called the store and that's the serial number they gave me. The store is 2 hours away so I would have to do a charge send but am afraid because I don't know for sure if that's the correct bag.
  6. Can you ask them to send you a picture of it via email? Or at the very least provide you with the dimensions, interior color/material, and serial tag info?
  7. I don't think they will send pic (it is an outlet place after all). But I'm sure I could ask some questions. Where is the serial tag that they can read? I think the number the girl gave me earlier is from the paper tag itself.
  8. I have heard of several outlets such as NMLC and Off 5th sending email pics, it just depends on the store. It can't hurt to ask right? The serial tag I am referring to is sewn into the interior pocket. It would show which season the bag you were looking at is from. I would ask her some more questions about the paper tag as well. Most (but not all) tags state what style the bag is.
  9. OMG! I love the quilted elise!! Melly your so lucky you got it in topaz!!! I still want one! I think the style is so cute and feminine. Go for it!
  10. It's a beautiful bag! Go for it.
  11. that price is really good. i have the patent quilted elise and i absolutely love it! i paid a lot more than your outlet price too.
  12. Get it! I have one in Topaz and its one of my favorite bags :smile:
  13. Venetia's are awful nice!!!!Think about it!!
  14. For anyone that's interested...the Quilted Elise is still available at the Boutiques in Almond and Topaz :smile:
  15. I was contemplating between a Quilted Elise and the patchwork Venetia... It's definitely a BEAUTIFUL bag so you should do whatever you can to confirm it is the right one!