Is PURSE a popular style?

  1. I have noticed that there aren't as many PURSE on eBay as the other styles like First , City, Twiggy etc.... And also the price is always +-= retail, rarely below....
    Is it a very conveted style? :confused1: If it is, why?

    I'm hunting for my second bbag, try to figure out wich style I'll get....I need a "big" but not huge bag since I have to hold all my books in it (I'm University student and teacher in the evening), on the other hand I'm very small (5'1 ), I don't want to have a bag which looks bigger than me...:sad: i'm hesitating among:
    - DAY hobo
    - PURSE
    - WORK

    I need your girls experts' opinion....:yes:

    Balenciaga is so addictive, I haven't even received my first one and I'm already wanting my second...:sweatdrop:
  2. Part time ~ seems hard to find though ~ maybe someone can give you a heads up where to purchase

    Linda Marie
  3. the purse is bigger than the city but smaller than the work so the ideal size - they arent as popular as the styles seen on celebrities thus balenciaga make less of them so they are hard to find, this is why they are never 'cheap' because they are so rare to find:smile:
  4. From what I hear, the Purse Bag is discontinued after 06. That might explain why they are harder to find.

    Maybe the experts in this thread can confirm if that is true.
  5. Noooooooooooo, they CAN'T discontinue this's too beautiful to be discontinued....
  6. The purse is my personal favorite. But I would not use it to tote around books. The purse has been discontinued, so that makes them worth a little more if they are in perfect condition. I love how it feels while wearing it on my shoulder. It lays flat against my body. I hate shoulder bags that stick out and bump against everything.
  7. yes, the purse's een discontinued.
    i had several purses, and love it! i found the handle is bigger than my city, also it's easier to open and close the zipper.

    just few days ago, i was carrying my city and going to survey on location with my team, my hands were full with my notes and cigarettes, and i needed something from my city, my bf and another friend had to help me open the bag that's hung on my shoulder because it's harder to open the zipper :roflmfao:

    the purse is big, but not big enough for my needs. sometimes i need to fill my bag with my documents and papers, i can't fit them in my city or purse, that's why i sold my purses and move to a weekender :p

  8. Hmmm, I forgot that one....part time, it's a beautiful style :heart: hard to find indeed, maybe i can try in Paris (not far away from Brussels)...;)
  9. So do I.....:yes:
  10. It sounds really nice! :love: I don't carry that many books, just 3-4 for a day so I think a PURSE should be fine....:rolleyes:
    Otherwise I'm also considering DAY hobo and Work....Weekender is nice and useful, but it definitely will look too big on me...:sad:
  11. petit papillon, i hope you'll find your purse soon :yes:
    i'm not a fans of the day, i kinda not wearing messenger bag since years ago.
    work would also be a great choice, it's bigger and can hold more things if you would like to go out for a day or two. vbmenu_register("postmenu_1497939", true);