Is purchasing at LV Store supposed to be an "experience?"

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  1. First let me preface this by I am not a brand buyer. I just buy things I like..expensive or inexpensive:P.
    So Saturday night I'm killing time in my hotel room by surfing the beautiful purse pictures here and come across a LV purse I really liked. I pull it up on their website and see it comes in a few lovely colors so I hop in my car and head to the closest LV store to check it out in person. I get in the store and did at least three laps holding my phone (with the picture) trying to find it. I finally go to the nearest associate (who is doing nothing, literally) and ask her if they have it while showing her the picture. She gives me an odd look and says "Yes we do." That's it...alrighty then...I kind of stand there like a kid whose in trouble while she stares at me. "Can I see it?" She looks perplexed and tells me to go sit over there and she will go look in the back. I go to my corner. She brings out the purse and it is way bigger than I thought. Pretty but just too big for me. (She still staring at me and I'm beginning to think I have a booger on my nose or something. Quick glance in mirror, all good.) I ask her if it comes in a smaller size because this looks like the big one. She says no. Cool so I ask to see another one that is on the shelf behind her. She looks annoyed and asks "You want to see that one?"
    Sigh ..."Why yes I do." She unlocks it and hands it to me. I am in love. "Does this come in other colors?" She waves her hand in the direction of some wallets "I think it comes in that pinkish color." "Oh can I see that one?" She sighs deeply and wraps the original purse that was too big up and heads for the back. I'm beginning to get peeved.

    She comes back and hands me the purse which is like a berry color...I am in love again. I start checking the inside, the size of the pockets, put it on my shoulder.....she continues to sigh every so often and look over my shoulder into the store. Since I love them both and can't decide I say "Well, when you can't decide it's better to buy both. I'll take these." She makes an O shape with her mouth and says "Are you sure? They are expensive!" and looks down me. At this point I'm thinking "Listen you little pop tart. I didn't just ask you to wrap up these purses for sh*ts and giggles. Do people really do that?!!? Yes, I can afford to buy them or I wouldn't be in here asking you to box them up." She literally stood there staring at me for a full minute when it dawned on me...I just came from my hotel. I am no longer in a power suit. I am in my fat pants, an Old Navy sweatshirt, moccasins, and a haphazard ponytail. Well this sucks. Apparently I am not dressed to shop here or she is a nincompoop which is why I'm wondering if this is the "experience" of LV. I did finally get to pay for my purses but blah....

    With that being said I actually have a question: What do you keep from your purchase? I have seen people talk about the bag, the box, the dust bag, the receipt, etc...does it all matter?
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  2. Wow! I have never experienced this and I go in yoga pants and workout clothes all the time. I have heard countless stories from friends though. My SA who happens to be the store manager told me that the employees get treated bad from a lot of customers. I have witnessed it. I don't know why some of the SA's feel the need to behave this way's completely unprofessional. You handled her amazingly well:smile: What bags did you get? Yes, keep everything!
  3. Wow! There is no excuse for her rude behavior. Please post pics of your bags we would all love to see:smile:
  4. How rude! Sorry you had to go through that. I've gone into LV many times in both sweats and dressed up and luckily (or not) the service is the same. I'm always just been in and out. I haven't had a really rude SA but I've never experienced any VIP treatment either, ie offered a drink etc. I always tell them no box or bag so for me I'm really just going in to get my bag and get out. Looking forward to your reveal. That's awesome you got both!
  5. First off, I don't care how you're dressed, you are the customer and should be treated with respect at LV. I'm very sorry for the way you got treated, but I'm thrilled that you found not one, but two that you really love! Big congrats. Maybe you could do a Reveal and show us all your lovely items! We would love to share in your joy.

    To answer your question - yes, you should keep everything that you can that came with each item. These handbags (IMHO) will appreciate in the years to come so some day you might need all the things that came with them just in case you fall out of love and want to sell it say for a "new" model. Hehe

    I only keep boxes if the item can be comfortably stored or housed in them when not in use. (In other words I recycle just regular LV boxes.)

    Once again congratulations on your 2 new items! :wave:
  6. I throw away the brown bag but keep everything else. I think a store is a store and I'm not looking for an experience but people should be nice. Being an SA is probably a hard job because I'm sure they have a lot of crappy customers come in and out throughout the day.
  7. I'm sorry that happened to you. That's unacceptable. She flat out insulted you and no one should be treated that way, power suit or regular clothing. I've only been to the store once and since only buy my LVs online now (mainly bc the state I live in doesnt have a LV store) but when my husband and I walked in we were ignored and no payed us any mind until one SA looked at the bag I wore into the store (LV) and was quick to help us out. As soon, as I said I'll take this one, you would have thought he was my bestfriend). He was friendly and honestly the only one to pay attention to us but I think it's a hit or miss.

    Please try to forget about the experience and think about your two new lovelies. So what did you get?
    Maybe a reveal?
  8. I have seen some SA like that, but most are really nice and helpful.
    If I was treated like you were I would not probably buy from this SA and would come back another time.
    Congrats to you on your new beautiful bags, hope too see your reveal. And keep everything they gave you (receipt, box, bag, the little tags) just in case you decide to sell or it gets stolen (insurance companies need a proof you actually had it).
    Good luck, I hope your next experience is a better one.
  9. Congrats on your bags!!! Dont let some snotty SA ruin your time at LV. They are not all like this. Not sure what her problem is. ? You can dress however you want. I have seen ladies in the LV store in heels and some in flip flops. Maybe since you showed her a picture of the bag you originally came in there for , she may have thought you were unfamiliar with the brand and there prices , therefore she was just letting you know. Some people think an expensive handbag is like $300 not $3,000 .Even if you were dressed up, she still may have said this to you. Just a thought. ;)
  10. Sorry that happened to you. My first LV I bought I was dressed in a sweatshirt and jeans, I'd gone to a football game earlier and the SA was super nice even gave her opinions while I tried on different ones. It shouldn't matter what you wear. Enjoy your new bags.
  11. Thanks ladies. I will definitely add a pic tonight when I get home. They are still in bags in the husby lets me shop as much as I can hide. :biggrin:

    It was odd to me. The price was obvious as it was taped to paper fluffing the bag. I think next time I'll just wait and buy it at the store here in Carmel....find a regular SA if I'm going to buy more. I've never really been an LV fan but these few caught my eye. I went in looking for the Artsy and left with 2 Avalons....
  12. Most people don't self assess their own behaviour in such situations. You sounded quite focused and maybe they thought you were casing the joint. Anyway who cares about snooty SA's ….just show us the bags……REVEAL

  13. That is true...I am the type of shopper who has a general idea what I want and like to just get on with buying part. :smile:
  14. If there is an LV experience I have never had it. Even my regular SA can be a pill some days. I do usually get offered water, tho almost always as an after thought.
    Sales associates have always been rather "aloof" at higher end stores IMO. I used to work @ Saks (briefly) and thought my coworkers were In dire need of an attitude adjustment.
    Enjoy your bags and disregard SA's with attitude.
    Hope to see a reveal!!!
  15. At my age, I just want a polite, attentive clerk to assist me. One time at the City Center in Las Vegas, I walked into the Hermes store. The young sales clerk snubbed me, but the older clerk could tell I had money to spend in the store!!