Is prune a year round color!!

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  1. I am thinking of getting a prune picotin or evelyne. Is the color too dark for the summer? Am I better off with raisin.

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    Last edited: Jan 18, 2009
    I think Prune and Raisin are both year round colors ! Beautiful neutral colors indeed !
  3. Which color do you prefer?? thanks
  4. I prefer Prune but that's me....
  5. Prune is more brown IMO in togo/clemence, if that's any help. Prune in swift is divine.
  6. Prune will be great all year round, no worries, particularly in a UK summer, lol.

    Did you see this Evelyne in the stars thread, gorgeous:

  7. I definitely prefer raisin to prune, but I am a purple gal. I saw a prune Lindy when I bought my raisin one and it looked burgundy to me in swift. It was beautiful in its own right, but not something that would have gone well with my wardrobe. The raisin goes with everything!
  8. I am not a purple person but I am totally drawn to prune. I tried on the Picotin PM with lock and the Picotin PM3 (and a Lindy 30 cm too). I loved all of them and would have gotten the Evelyne except I am not a fan os the adjustable strap.

    Anyhow, I see it as a neutral with a pop. I can see it worn with whites, denim, blacks, browns and def. year-round. I plan to wear it all the time once I get mine.

    Good luck!
  9. Was the picoton pm big enough in your opinion??
  10. I'm a purple girl-- if I see purple Hermes, 90% chance I'll get it LOL. So raisin is more for me =) But prune is super versatile as well and definitely year round.
  11. I have an evelyne in prune and raisin birkin - the colors are VERY close! I think you can carry any bag/color year round however....I'm thinking about a toile/etoupe combo for summer in the evelyne as well! Love it!
  12. oh dear, I love them both. I am no help...
  13. I love both Raisin and Prune. But if I have to pick one, Prune.
  14. I already have a Picotin MM and I can use it as a shoulder bag. My next Picotin will be a PM because I think the size of the PM just suits the shape and "feel" of the Picotin better. That's just my opinion though. I like the look of the handheld Picotin in the PM size better. HTH.