Is Primp still trendy?

  1. Just curious because a lot of online sites don't have much of primp clothing. I was looking to buy some for fall/winter.
  2. I would say Primp is still trendy. I still see a lot of young starlets sporting it around Hollywood on their off days. Paris, Rachel, Mischa, Jessica, and Lindsay all seem to love the stuff. I think they pump up their exclusivity by restricting how many places you can find it. Here are some authorized and authentic online vendors that I know of:

    Lisa Kline
    Rapunzel's Closet
  3. i would say so, the anchor stuff was so cute!
  4. Yeah, I'd say it's still trendy! I love the primp for Lisa Kline stuff, this is my fave..
  5. i think it is too, its lovely :smile:
  6. OMG I love Primp, I've been "collecting" them since they first debuted at Intuition in pink/blue ice cream cones and unicorns.
    I try to get something from all the new prints that come out also. My most recent purchase was the butterfly thermal.
    I do wish they'd make the ones with the one design on the back, those were my favorite. Here are all my items (only missing the red anchor thermal and the butterfly thermal in the pic), I'm going to wear them no matter what lol.
  7. Lvbabydoll - That's a lot of primp clothing.

    I've been eyeing them, but didn't want to spend 80 bucks. So I finally took the plunge and get three thermals. I think I got a pretty good deals; the total was $126 and some change. I think they are older prints though. What's the newest print? the chicks?

    Here's what I got:
  8. i think the swans are relatively new... i love the swans!
  9. qtiekiki-Yup, but I wear them all the time! I can't wait for the cooler weather so I can wear my jackets and thermals again.

    The newest ones are the butterfly (comes in blue or lavender), the seahorses and the birds. I'll see if I can find a pic of them.
  10. Here we go...I can't find the butterflies (I got mine at Neiman Marcus), but here are the seahorses and the birds.

  11. I love primp thermals! I have one with bunny print and another one with horse print.
  12. Lvbabydoll - I thought those birds were chicks. hehehe. I know that's new, but I didn't know the seahorse was. How does the butterfly look like? I haven't seen that one. Maybe I need to go to Nordies, but the one closest to my house don't have primp. sucks.
  13. Lol I have no idea, they could be chicks or canaries haha. I'll take a pic of my butterfly one and post it, they also have one with blue butterflies as well.
    And ugh I know, my Nordies (there are 2 I go to most often) doesn't really even carry it much anymore! They were one of the first places I got a lot of my pieces and now they don't have them anymore.
    Saks rarely has any and Neiman usually has a few pieces but not many.
  14. Here you go, the butterfly!
  15. Oh it's so cute. I may have to hunt it down. I haven't seen that on any of the online places that sell primp.