Is price grabber legit??

  1. Some of them are definitely fake. Some of the sites that are linked to are trusted and sell authentic bags, for example bluefly. On one site a fabric pelham only costs $499, and it's a classic bag (it stays from season to season, so there's never a discount on those bags). They normally retail for about $1200... Also I think there's a blondie? (I'm not familiar with this line) that retails for only $195. I heard that the blondie is very rare... So if you see a bag you like, definitely post it in the authenticate this Gucci thread to avoid buying a fake!

    Next time please post authenticity questions in the Authenticate this Gucci thread!
  2. look fake.
  3. Pricegrabber is just like Yahoo Shopping, or a price comparison site. You see a lot of questionable web sites advertising with them, but also respectable sites like Bluefly, etc. You still have to make your own decision, which site to trust.