is premium denim not for me?!

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  1. okay, so i've been craving what everyone else has been craving for- premium denim- for quite some time. normally, i'm a 0 petite, 0 short, or things of that sort is reg. retail stores like Express, Gap, or AE. I've had several different experiences trying them on, and none have been very pleasant.

    * i assumed that i'm a 24 and i went to try some on by diesel in a 24. Now, getting the legs through was the easy part, but i couldn't stuff my rear end into them! I mean i couldn't even get them to go through my hips. This was a while back, so i don't remember why i didn't try it in another size (maybe i was in a rush).
    * The next time i was at filene's basement with my mom to check out the sale and i found a pair of paperdenim in a 25 for only 11 dollars! Granted, i bought them because who could resist?? In general, the fit was not perfect but decent, except it was too long, more like 4 inches too long. And I decided to give them a wash before I go get them cropped; unfortunately, they came back to me a little shrunken. It became somewhat difficult to get into them, so I was dissapointed again. :s
    * Then a couple of weeks later my cousin gave me another pair of paperdenim in a size 24. oh dear, i thought. :shame: I tried my luck and this time I had to hold my breath, suck in my tummy and squeeze my buns tight to finally get into them. :hysteric:

    From all these experiences, I remember sweating like a pig :sweatdrop: before I got my gluteus maximus in those beautiful jeans. I really don't feel like they are big compared to my proportions. If i'm wearing the wrong jeans, they can even look somewhat flat to me. I believe i'm an average short petite asian female who wants her hunt for some premium denim to be much much more simple. thoughts, anyone??

  2. If I remember correctly, AE runs big. I havent tried on Express jeans or Gap jeans but it sounds like you could possibly be a 25/26.

    IMO, you have to have patience if you want to find the perfect pair of premium denim. Each brand and each style runs differently so you have to try a variety of styles until you find the right one. And every pair of premium denim will run long.

    Next time you're shopping for jeans, try SFAM classic bootcuts, True Religions and Rock and Republics. Start with a 25 and then either size up or down depending on fit. If you're shopping at a, there's usually very nice SAs who will bring you the correct size if the size you got didnt work out.
  3. Also, remember a designer does not always fit the same with every jean. For example, some 7 for all mankind look awesome on me while others looked terrible and didn't really fit, but they were both the same size. The same has held true for citizens, rock and republic, and true religions. Good luck
  4. And sometimes designer isn't better:yes:

    I spent an evening at the mall trying on designer denims and it turns out that the MOST flattering of the 30+ pairs that I tried on were Levis.
  5. My best advice is go to a department store that has a nice ammount of choice and try on lots and lots of different pairs in different shapes from different brands. It'll get easier once you're familarized with them all, you know? Good luck!
  6. oy, this quest always leave me sweating like a pig :sweatdrop:

  7. oh yes, i've tried 25s in some brands and there were too too big, maybe i'll have to give them a try again
  8. all premium denim run long also, so unless your like 5'8, you will need to get them hemmed which I believe macys does for free. im 5'7 and i always get them hemmed.
  9. if your height is 5'1 like me, i guarantee you will hafta get all your premium denim hemmed. good luck in finding the right fit! usually, seven for all mankind, citizens, and paige fit great on me. (btw, my waist is a 24)
  10. First of all just be advised that any jean you get you will have to get it hemmed for your petite figure. You may need to go up a size in the waist to fit the rest of your body and then get the waist nipped in at a tailors.
    We have this great store in California called Planet Funk. It has all the premium jeans (fyi if you have one in your area)...I literally tried on 20 pairs of jeans til I found 1 that fit great. I'm 5'6" and had to even get them hemmed.
    So don't be discouraged! Keep trying and I'm sure you'll find something.
  11. planet funk is coming to SF^

  12. hmm i think i have the same problem as you. i'm 5'2, petite and asian. i think i'm somewhere in between a 24 and a 25 so 24s are way too tight at the waist and 25s are a little loose on me. my fav pair of jeans are my joe's provocateurs. they fit me pretty well and i didn't have to get them hemmed cuz they come in like a 29 or 30 inch inseam. they're perfect with heels but i have to roll them up a bit with sneakers. citizens also fit me well for some reason.

    if you're not around a department store with a great selection where you can try things on, try ordering some from they have a really liberal return policy and i always end up exchanging things and trying them on a few times. you have to wait but their selection is awesome.

    good luck finding the perfect jeans. i feel your pain!
  13. I think like any jeans you have to find the style that is right for you. Regardless of whether they are premium jeans or gap/ levis or whatever. Every brand of jeans fits differently never mind ever style fits differently.
    Instead of going into store with a *size* in mind, grab a few sizes and fit the jean to your butt and hips, the waist and length can be fixed regardless of the cost or make of your jeans.
    Wow i just sounds like the couple off what not to wear :roflmfao: I guess i watch that too much.
    But its true, you need to fit the biggest part of your body and have the rest tailored if you can buy off the rack. You'll be much happier with the fit and how they look then buying too small and then they are uncomfy.

  14. Welcome out of the world of Vanity Sizing. The lower end brands like AE and A&F use vanity sizing to make women feel smaller and buy their jeans. Designers don't play that game. Even if it kills you, you'll have to try on a larger # to see what your actual size is. I was a 6 or 8 at A&F and I'm a 31 or 32 in designer jeans which is the largest sizes they carry. Don't be like my friend who swears up and down she's a 27 and she can't squeeze into them at all. She WILL NOT buy a 29 so usually she settles with a 28 and has muffin top and stretch folds on the back of the legs.
  15. As most of the others mentioned, sizing is VERY wonky with designer jeans, so grab a bunch of sizes to try on. The same person can wear a size 24 in Rock & Republic (notorious for their ridiculous vanity sizing), but will need a size 26 in Paiges. And almost all designer jeans have VERY long inseams.. some up to 38 inches (again, R&Rs)!! So don't think you are too short for them.. it happens to almost everyone! Hemming has become commonplace.. I think designer denim may have single-handedly rejuvenated the tailoring industy. :rolleyes: