Is Praline a good color?

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  1. I'm actually thinking about buying a new Part Time in Praline, but am worried about color transfer. The bag is made of lambskin and I know that my cream colored lambskin Miu Miu coffer was horribly delicate and prone to color transfer from most all dark colored clothing.

    Is there any problems with the lambskin BBags in the lighter colors?
  2. I think it *looks* pretty but I am a wuss and would be afraid of all the dirt and denim transfer.

    If I could afford to buy a tons of bbags I would't care and I'd just go for it, but since I can only afford a few, I would want the few that I have to hold up and I am afraid light colors like these just don't look nice for that long. JMHO.
  3. That's my biggest concern as well. I really hate color transfer!
  4. I have a sahara bbag and it has held up well. Praline is lighter so I think your fears are valid; however, it's a lovely color and I would have taken the chance on praline had i not alteady owned a sahara (m such a sucker for light bags with rh!).
  5. I've had light colored bbags and I ended up selling them because I was too afraid of getting them dirty. Praline is a pretty color though.
  6. I have never been afraid of a light color bag. I think that I am the minority! I guess I have been pretty fortunate as I have never experienced color transfer. Don't know how I have avoided it as I do not overly baby my bags. I take great care of them as I would any possession of mine but I do not freak out over setting a bag down somewhere!

    All that said, I have a Praline PT GGH and the color is gorgeous. I have carried it a million times and it could pass for brand new! It is the ONE bag that I will keep forever! I LOVE Praline!
  7. Of course it's a good color! I've been kicking myself for not at least getting something in if you like the color, just go for it. It's a light color and liable to get stained more easily but what the heck, just go for it! No regrets!
  8. I have a praline city with rh and it's held up fine :smile: I conditioned and sprayed it with Apple leather care products and am quite happy with how it's turned out. It's a beautiful neutral and goes with just about everything! Love!
  9. Hi Sharon! I have a Sahara Day and it's a tiny bit darker than Praline but still quite light. I've had no problems whatsoever with transfer or marks. In fact, I (unkowingly) wore it with a tie-dye maxi dress which said wash before wearing to avoid transfer (whoops).

    I'm finding the color very durable and wearable.
  10. Darn it, I was so hoping to hear that it wasn't a good color to buy. The last thing I need is another bag of any kind.

    Uuuugghh, I may just have to buy it. It's sooooo beautiful!!
  11. Well, I just did it. I just bought this from Bal on-line. Oh boy, I really didn't need another bag. But I just couldn't resist!!


  12. yea you will not regret!
    I am not afraid of light color bags either! I have a praline city RH and the color is so gorgeous~ it pretty much goes well with everything. I wear a lot of dark demins and I don't have color transfer problems. The only thing i put on the bag is FHO. Other than that, just treat it as you treat other bbags and you will enjoy it! :amuse: