Is PRADA Jacquard durable?

  1. Hi, there, I just bought this messenger for my dad, and now I have a little concern bout the durability of the Jacquard material. My dad will not take care of bags for sure and I just hope it' s durable enough for him. ;)

  2. I don't personally own a jacquard fabric prada, I've heard that it's treated and very durable. Stains easily wipe off and if your father happens to get set-in stains, then maybe you/he can take it to a prada boutique to have it cleaned. Maybe even try a professional cleaners who you trust.

    What a great gift for a father!
  3. Thanks a lot! I've been looking for a bag for my dad for a long time. I was on yesterday and saw this one, only $399 and this is the perfect size for him since he doesn't like huge briefcases. I can wait to get it and I believe he will like it. :heart:
  4. Alouette is right, the jacquard is treated and I have one, not this lighter beige but a walnut/mocha color and I've dumped horrid things on it and it just shrugs and comes back for more, so your dad should be just fine !!
  5. i've a boxy tote in this color and i found a pinkish-red stain on it last week. needless to say i was really anxious because the SA told me stains don't come off from this material! i used a SIMPLE makeup cleansing wipe on it and it came off totally! phew :noworry:
  6. I have one of these totes and I have had NO issues with dirt at all...
  7. Hi guys,
    What's the best method of removing stains on the Jacquard bag? The stain is on the back of the bag (facing the body). Not sure what is the stain tho. Any tips?