Is potrion a "neutral"?

  1. Sorry to post again about "my quest for my first birkin" but is potrion a "neutral" meaning it goes with everything. I already have a beautiul blue handbag and I would like my birkin to be one of those bags you can wear with EVERYTHING!!! (esp. for that price!!!)
  2. YESSSSSS!!!!! Oh, would NEVER regret Potiron!! It works with everything - ask GT, she has a Birkin in Poitron - GORGEOUS!!!!!
  3. yes maam! I wear it with everything but bright pink or periwinkle/plum/purple and only with black if I have denim or white with it. It's FABBB with all shades of brown and tan, most greens, all blues.
    I'd definitely call it a neutral.
  4. I agree with GF and GT. Potiron will definitely go with everything -- it'll be the star of your ensemble, but it will definitely go with everything!!
  5. ^ Yup. The only things it doesn't go with, my rouge H Trim DOES. So I'm covered!
  6. I agree with everyone else, this color works with just about everything. I would be a little hesitant about wearing it with an all black outfit, but as Greentea said, wearing it with black and denim would look fabulous. I really like this color.
  7. ^ When I wear it with black and denim, I usually wear an H scarf or tie a pochette onto the bag which has bright colors and black together (Tohu Bohu always works)
    This makes the orange work with the black clothing even better.
  8. it's an amazing neutral (with a twist) lol because it has brown undertones as opposed to the bright undertones of the Orange H color, it can be worn as a neutral...I have a JPG Birkin in Potiron and i love it!
  9. I think that I may be one to disagree here a tiny bit. I have seen potiron in many leathers and have been able to hold it and go outside the boutique with them in natural light. The color does change a tad on various leathers, but I don't feel it is really a "neutral" IMO. It does have brown undertones, but I don't feel it will work with all colors like the broad spectrum of browns and black will etc. We are still talking about an "orange" color here any way you look at it. Maybe one could say it is an easier color than some of the bolder ones to work with.

    I love orange, so it does not bother me and I love potiron, but for those of you who are nervous I would think about it more or make sure you really see the potiron on your leather choice.

    I also like it because Hermes is representative of orange/brown, so you kind of get both in this color. (especially if bright orange makes you nervous)

    I also don't purchase a bag to match my clothes. I purchase a bag because I love the style and the color and not because it will match everything. I almost don't mind if it stands out. After all, it is a statement bag.
  10. Please, please, please, post a picture of your JPG shoulder birkin! :P
  11. i sure :yes: will i'll take some pics indoors and see if they come out true to color... if they dont i'll take pics tomorrow in day light
  12. Potiron is fab!! I agree with GT.. i think it goes with everything too!
  13. I'm going to have to second Kellybag. While I adore Potiron, I don't think of it as a "true" neutral either. It's definitely more of a neutral if you usually wear warm-colored clothing, but it's still not really a color you can just grab without thinking.

    I love it in both Togo and Chevre (slightly more muted on Togo and bolder on Chevre), but I'd still call it more of a semi-neutral with "pop" or somewhat of a statement bag - no way it's just going to blend into its surroundings.

    That said, I'd still easily choose it as your choice for a one-and-only Birkin (LOL - that's unlikely to happen, but you can always try), since it's neutral enough, but still interesting.

    P.S.- Greentea's idea is perfect as well if you're worried about it with black - I use the same scarf she does in the same way.
  14. i will have to agree with style101.. Potiron is more of a neutral with warm colored clothes..

    This is my JPG Birkin in Potiron.. I wasn't too sure of the color being accurate in indoor lighting so until I take better photos during the day, I put the orange sleeper under it for color comparison.
  15. Pure yum!