Is postcoital swelling normal?

  1. A question I received via PM:

    is significant swelling after sexual intercourse normal? like swelling that lasts two days. (I would ask my doctor but i'm between insurances at this point.)
  2. After intercourse, your genitals might still be a bit engorged with blood from all the stimulation. That would make you a bit puffy, but it would go down as your arousal subsides. If the person is swelling up after intercourse specifically, I have no idea... Could it be possible the person is allergic to something they're using during sex (condoms, lube, etc)?
  3. ^^That was what I also thought.
  4. I would say that I get "puffy" after a go-around :p. I think some natural swelling is fine, just think about everything going on down there.:graucho: And sometimes I notice it still in the morning, but I can't say I've ever noticed it lasting 2 days.

    However if it is A LOT OF SWELLING I would be concerned as mentioned above about something such as the condom, lube, over stimulation, etc. Perhaps they could try switching brands of lube or condoms and see if it effects anything. :tup:

    I know that there is a certain kind of condom that reacts badly to my body (it causes me to get more UTIs because of the higher level of spermicide), so it could be anything. Our bodies are sometimes super sensitive to things like that.
  5. I wonder if 'size' has anything to do with it?
  6. two days worth of swelling is not "normal" as the other have suggested it may be an allergy perhaps try other brands and see what happens
  7. i'd consider the types of lubricant, condoms, massage oil, etc. that you may be using, because that sort of reaction isn't normal and may be indicative of an allergy. and what IS swelling? just your genital area, or your whole body?
  8. Some additional information received today:

    The swelling also occurred the one time we did not use condoms. and that the swelling is just in my genital area.
  9. Ok, ^^^ That info sparks new questions for me...

    Are you using any type of lube, if not you could just be causing too much friction and your body can't handle it? This might esp. be a problem if you typically use lubricated condoms.


    I know it's FAR fetched and is rare---but there have been some cases of women having reactions to their men's sperm. Perhaps your body doesn't agree with his sperm and the swelling is your body reacting. Perhaps you should call you doctor and see what they have to say.