Is Poshmark Authentication Happening During COVID?

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  1. Hi all, since the Poshmark authentication office is in CA and I’m pretty sure CA is under an order where non-essential workers must work from home, does that mean if you sell something over $500 it will ship to the office and just sit there because no one is there to authenticate it? I don’t know if I should be de-listing my over $500 stuff or not on that platform.
  2. I think they are still doing it but the time frame is extended. I got an email about it I'll see if I can find it.
  3. Here you go
  4. Whoa .. didn't know this!!! Since when do THEY authenticate??? .. are you kidding me? .. they took down my VERY AUTHENTIC 2002 Balenciaga Flat Brass First because "they" (or some of their folks) said it wasn't authentic!!! I was so pissed off, but you know what .. they are boneheads who don't know merchandise, so forget it .. not going to sell it there!
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  5. Another good reason NOT to use Poshmark for items over $500 (and yet, I see a plethora of LV, Gucci and Chanel up there ..
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  6. Yeah their "authentication" services pretty much suck.
  7. They authenticate the item in person after someone pays $500 or over for it.
  8. I still prefer to sell my over $500 items through them to have the independent third party intermediary to confirm authenticity so buyer can’t claim they got a fake. I’ll gladly wait an extra 7 days for that service given current events.
  9. CRAP!!! .. I just read this and this means that I won't get my $$$ until Poshmark has "authenticated" the item, which in my case, is a piece of jewelry .. not a handbag or other items that they "normally" authenticate!!! OMG! .. and of course, I SO need the $$$ right now since I'm not working .. UGGH!!! I'm NOT going to be putting anything up on Poshmark that is more than $500 from now on!
  10. Just reporting back that I sold a pair of shoes over $500 and they got to Poshmark and were authenticated within 2 days, which was the same or faster than the normal timeline.
  11. Nothing to worry about regarding wait tome, I just sold a brand name diamond bracelet on Poshmark and it was authenticated in a day and sent to the buyer.
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  12. Did you appeal? they take down listings if someone reports them, but they would re-store if you appeal and ask for real authentication, not just a look from a random "moderator" who only knows washed-out tees - their main merchandise.
  13. WTH I'm so pissed, I shipped my AUTHENTIC Chanel Espadrilles and even gave them everything (ribbon, camellia flower, booklets, tissue paper..the works that I got from the boutique) and they tell me that they could not authenticate the item. I have the receipts and everything and they state in the email "if you would like the item returned to you" well of course i want it returned to me. I would be cautious about there authenticators and question how they authentic products because I'm not quite sure they know what they are doing. In addition, the item was addressed to go to Newark and I checked the tracking it went to Oakland... isn't this weird??? If anyone has any insight that would be greatly appreciated, as I await a response from them about the entire process...ugh. Never again.
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  14. Same occurred to me. Sold a gucci mini marmont. At this point I just want my item back and taking my listings down. I wasn't even notified! I had found out from the buyer. Smh. I know for sure the item i sold is authenticate as i purchased it directly from the store.