Is Posh Making Katie Holmes and Eva Longoria Thin?

  1. Both Katie Holmes and Eva Longoria have both lost a significant amount of weight in the last several months…

  2. Bad influence?
    hmmm, no.....
    it's Hollywood.
  3. Eva and Katie were in LA before Posh got here and they weren't that thin.
  4. Cocaine will do that too :wtf:
  5. WTH!:wtf: Thats what you may think. I really doubt they do cocaine. Please be careful next time because thats very rude to assume.

  6. I agree it is hollywood and thats how they want there image:yes: But I have noticed more curver women come in. I am very thin and I love to see curvy women in hollywood, I wish I was as curvy like
  7. I agree with what others have said ... I think Hollywood changes people. It's not really 'reality' so people's perceptions of things get warped. It seems like most people think you have to be skinny to be in Hollywood and now it's becoming true with so many stars slimming down.
  8. Wow, Eva and Katie do look considerably thinner.

    The incredible shrinking Hollywood stars.
  9. I lived in W. Hollywood for years and know a few celebs..not all of them became skinny for living there. I do know some are more competitive than others when it comes to their looks, which would explain the extreme weight loss and the changing of the hair.
  10. Hollywood is going to do one of two things.

    Either shrink away or blow away...I am so sad for these girls. Eva looks like she is going to break in two!
  11. remember, size 6 is the new 23!!! Oh wait, that was Kimora lee Simmons who said that, LMAO.
  12. Yup, at this point in Hollywood everybody wants to be thin.
  13. Doubt it. She's not that powerful.
  14. Katie looks the same to me
  15. these shots could be about angles, they might not have had such drastic weight loss (defiantly some weight loss) just good vs. bad angles. Call me crazy but as a guy i like the 'thinner' versions