Is Posh Being A Snob ?

  1. , January 26, 2007
    Victoria Beckham is reportedly refusing to follow Elizabeth Hurley's Indian dress code for her upcoming wedding.

    The former Spice Girl, who prides herself on her sense of style, was horrified when she received Liz's invitation instructing female guests to wear traditional pink saris, and has vowed to ignore the request.

    A source was quoted in Britain's Daily Star newspaper as saying: "The thought of arriving in India and picking an outfit doesn't appeal to Victoria."
    "She's a planner. What if there's nothing she likes? Her style icon status is her stock in trade and pink just isn't her color."
    Model Liz and her fiance Indian business tycoon Arun Nayer, who are expected to marry in March, sent guests copies of their dress code earlier this month.

    The nuptials will begin with an English ceremony in the Cotswolds, followed by a traditional Indian ceremony in Mumbai.
    Stylish Liz wants her guests to look "glamorous and fabulous" in traditional Indian dress. Men have been asked to wear Indian tunics and turbans.
    A shop will be specially set-up for guests to buy their clothes when they arrive at their hotel in Mumbai.
    Source: BANG Showbiz ​
  2. Maybe she is doing this in return for Liz's "boobs on display" type of dress that Liz wore to one of VB's son's christenings?:graucho: Or maybe it's just a rumor.

  3. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: hahha could be..

    Nuh...I think VB will show up with modernized pink sari.
  4. I think the whole elabrate dress code for the guests is a bit much but hey, it's her wedding. If it's true & Posh doesn't like it, then she just shouldn't go~
  5. I wrote something out a few minutes ago . . where'd it go!?:search:

    I pretty much said if her clothes are more important than making her friend happy on "her big day" then she should stay at home.
  6. I am sure its not true, but Liz Hurley could hardly talk about Wedding etiquette, do you remember at Henry Dent Brocklehursts wedding when she wore a dress so slit up her front you could see her knickers! ;)

    what goes around, comes around :biggrin:
  7. here you go, found a nice little picture of what Liz sees fit as decent wedding attire ;)


  8. Agree!!:yes:
  9. That was shocking!!
  10. I think is she is going then she must respect the dress code. However i agree with Bagsnbags I think she absolutely will & will turn up in the most stunning Sari ever!
  11. Personally, I would love to be invited to a wedding where I was required to where something different from what I normally wear. I think she's being a brat. It's not her day after all.
  12. Hey that's posh.
  13. Part of me thinks instructing the guests to wear a particular outfit to be a tad over the top. (If she had said sari - any other color but red or white, I would see no problem with that).

    But then another part of me thinks that it's not an altogether unreasonable request, that some people would look absolutely gorgeous in a sari, and that Liz is her friend, so she should just suck it up and do it.
  14. I could never instruct my guests to wear a certain style of clothing though, that's very bold.
  15. Yeah I think it's a little much to tell guests what COLOR to wear unless you're in the wedding party and already will be wearing what the bride wants.

    But I think Posh will pull through and arrive in an incredibly amazing pink sari.