Is Portobello classic enough?

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  1. Ladies who are lucky Portobello owners, do you think the two tone Portobello classic enough to have for years and years? I am also not sure if it's a permanent collection now? Also please share your experience how comfortable this baby is (handles, size, space, etc.)?
    Thanks a lot!
  2. Very classy, comfortable,and can carry everyday or to a special event dressy enough. I have beige/ black, black/black, this is a need.
  3. Honestly, I dont think you can ever predict it will be a permanent collection. Very few lines ever stay permanent. I remember how popular those cambon bags were... now they no longer make them.

    If you love the bag and you consider it timeless - go for it! You can never go wrong with chanel.

  4. ita!!!!
  5. If you loves it you should get it. Seen IRL for a first time a black and purple tweed portobello at Rue Cambon today! it is just TDF:love:
  6. #6 Jul 8, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2009
    :nuts: OMG!!! *panting* :drool: oooh, anyone, pics pls!

    luv, luv the portobello... actually more than the classic totes ;)
  7. Well said!!
  8. It is one of my Favorite Chanels!
  9. I have 2 Portobellos. I will be getting a third, so yes I love them and think they are very classic , yet edgy and fab.
  10. Thanks everyone! What is a current price for black and tan Portobello?
  11. I don't know how classic I consider the Portobello to be, but if it means anything, I also like it more than the classic totes such as the GST!
  12. OMG! It sounds beautiful!
  13. I recently got a Portobello after lusting for it for months. In love with it! Definitely get one! I agree with the others...if you like it, get it. Who cares if it's part of the permanent collection or not?
  14. I love mine! I hope to add another to my collection soon.
  15. i think for portobello its either u love it or u hate it =) for me, i love ittttt, i am buying the purple-fuchsia tweed and the grey flap onessss =) yipeeeeee